Demonstrated: meditation fights stress

Stress is an unpleasant sensation, but necessary to survive. Another thing is the stress that lasts for days, weeks and months, a scourge that contributes to weaken our defenses and leads to a whole rosary of mental diseases and physical But there is no harm without remedy and for many that solution is meditation. Now science proves them right.

A new investigation of the Queen's University Belfast and the Victoria University of Melbourne has verified the link between meditation and the benefits that this discipline brings to our mental health.

Paradoxically, the secret of stress is not hidden in our brain, but in the endocrine system who is in charge of dealing with him. The research team of both universities conducted a meta-analysis of previous studies and analyzed how the meditation It could affect the hormones that are related to stress … and you have found that connection on three different levels.

On the one hand, this analysis has discovered that when we meditate (and even when we do yoga) One of the main endocrine “axes” (the HPA) is regulated by reducing the level of stress. You are not alone in that task, because meditation also influences another endocrine axis (the HPT) helping to regulate the thyroid hormone production They are closely related to depression and anxiety.

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Finally, the Renina-Angiotensin-Aldosterone (RAA) system, which regulates the blood pressure He also seems to feel the beneficial influence of meditation which corresponds to a sense of well-being and changes in the hormonal stress. For all these reasons, although many of the psychological, physiological and neurological processes that hide behind the stress remain to be discovered, it is worth noting that you, meanwhile, sign up for a couple of meditation classes guided. Your hormones will thank you.

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