Delicious recipe for sea bass in clam sauce

Preparing sea bass in clam sauce is very easy. It is a healthy preparation that can provide protein and minerals in significant quantities.

Last update: 07 March, 2022

It is essential to include fish in the routine on a regular basis. These foods concentrate a large amount of nutrients necessary to maintain good health. There are many ways to prepare them to get the most out of them. This time we will teach you how to make sea bass in clam sauce.

Before beginning, it is important to highlight the importance of including products of animal origin in the diet. These have in their interior proteins of the highest biological value.

Ingredients for sea bass in clam sauce

To prepare an exquisite sea bass in clam sauce, the following ingredients will be necessary:

  • Salt, pepper, fresh parsley and 1 cayenne.
  • 2 large sea bass fillets.
  • 500 grams of clams.
  • 1 tablespoon of flour.
  • 1/2 cup of water.
  • 1 glass of wine.
  • 1 spring onion
  • 2 garlic.

Keep in mind that when cooking with wine it is always important to choose a good quality product. This will affect the final flavor of the dish. What’s more, you should not be in a hurry during cooking.

Sea bass is a white fish that combines very well with the flavor of clams.

step by step recipe

Start by poaching the onion together with the finely chopped garlic in a saucepan. Once they take on a transparent color, add a tablespoon of flour and sauté everything for a couple of minutes.

Then, the glass of white wine is incorporated and continue cooking until the alcohol evaporates. After 1 minute, you can add the water to soften the flavor, along with the parsley and cayenne.

After 5 more minutes of cooking add the clams. It will be important to cover at this time and let it cook over medium heat. The goal is for them to open. When this has happened, the sauce is ready to work as a side dish.

It remains only to prepare the sea bass. For it all you have to do is season the fish and grill it. First, it is cooked for 3 minutes on the skin side and to finish, 30 seconds of heat are applied on the loin side.

Place the sea bass fillets on a flat plate and cover with the sauce and clams. In this way, we will enjoy an excellent preparation. There is also the option of incorporating a garnish of boiled potatoes.

benefits of fish

We cannot say goodbye without commenting on the main benefits of including fish in the regular diet. Let’s see.

Prevents muscle problems

Fish is a source of protein of high biological value. These nutrients have been shown to be important in preventing sarcopenia and other muscle mass problems.

It should be noted that proteins of animal origin have a higher level of digestibility than those of vegetable origin. Its use in the intestinal tube will be greater.

Helps the proper functioning of the thyroid

The thyroid gland is responsible for keeping energy expenditure high and constant. However, an inadequate supply of certain minerals, such as iron or iodine, could put its function at risk. This is evidenced by research published in the journal Biological Trace Element Research.

To prevent a scenario of these characteristics the inclusion of fish and foods of marine origin in the guideline is essential. Specifically, clams are a source of iodine and iron.

Helps lose weight

Due to its protein and water content, we can say that fish is a satiating food. In addition, its energy density is low. Include several servings of this class of products in the weekly diet could contribute to creating a situation of caloric deficit that enables weight loss in the medium term.

Clams are marine products that provide significant amounts of iodine.

Improves bone health

Fish is also a source of calcium. This mineral is the main constituent of bone tissue. It is necessary to consume it in sufficient quantities during all stages of life to avoid problems such as fractures or osteoporosis.

Prepare sea bass in clam sauce

It’s easy to prepare a nutritious dish like Sea Bass in Clam Sauce. It manages to provide proteins of the highest quality and a good handful of essential minerals. What’s more, admits a garnish in the form of carbohydrates. Don’t stop trying it!

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