Decoration tricks seen on Pinterest that you have to copy to enjoy your balcony or terrace also in winter

One of the collateral effects of the pandemic has been the resurgence of balconies and terraces, which in recent years they had started to disappear of households. Confinement reminded us how valuable it can be to have a small space in which to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home.

Perhaps you think that this corner can only be taken advantage of in summer and that in winter, with the arrival of the cold, it is no longer so practical and attractive. But nevertheless, We have found some tips and ideas on Pinterest that prove otherwise. Take note and you will see that the terraces and balconies can be used all year round.

The fur blankets give a wonderful feeling of comfort

To be warm, it is best to cover the seats with fur blankets. They are very pleasant to the touch and give a wonderful feeling of comfort. You can also include another to cover yourself with, of course.

Candles are a good lighting option

Light is very important, as the afternoons are short. In addition, a cozy lighting gives a much warmer feeling. Placing some candles is always a good option, although with some lanterns you can achieve the same effect in a safer way.

Plants add a beautiful green touch

Every terrace must have some plants that allow us connect with nature. For winter, be sure to choose those species that easily survive low temperatures. A good example is ivy, which will add a beautiful green touch.

With a wooden table you will create a perfect corner to have a drink

If you have space for a table (even if it is small), we recommend that it be made of wood. It is a resistant material and, in addition, it gives a very cozy air. Add some chairs or a bench and you have a perfect corner for breakfast or an after dinner drink.

The cushions are essential if you have a chill out area

We end up with a trick that gives a lot of feeling of home and, in addition, it provides comfort. We mean something as simple as adding some pretty cushions. They are essential if you have a chill out area, but you can also place them on the chairs.

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