Decorating tips: how to use white to make your house look bigger and brighter

We never tire of repeating it: in our house, size does not matter. With decoration as an ally and a few very effective tricks, we can make our little apartment look like a mansion. Well, maybe we have exaggerated and continue to dream of this impressive house in the Hamptons, but trust us if we tell you that thanks to the (good) use of color and light, the square meters of our home will multiply as if by magic.

helena martín study

Although it seems that in the coming months, fresh blue will set the chromatic trend in decoration, white will always be our best ally in order to provide more spaciousness to the spaces of our home. «Using white as the (almost) only color is always a safe bet. It makes spaces brighter, more welcoming and timeless ”, reminds us of the architect Helena Martín, from Estudio Helena Martín. Of course, «to avoid being boring, we must generate textures and reliefs; using wall coverings, wall or ceiling moldings, textured paints… A single color with many different finishes ”is the key, he recommends, as well as providing warmth with natural wood finishes or indoor plants, for example.


Following the 60-30-10 rule to combine the colors well, we can choose the rest of the tones that will complete the decoration of our home, the brushstrokes that will make a difference and provide style, trend and that special and personal touch. “The continuity in the color gamut works very well because it unifies the spaces making them appear larger, but this does not mean that you have to focus on a single tone. We can start with a very light white as a general color and use somewhat darker whites in the same palette for other elements., such as lacquered furniture, doors, etc. «, Helena Martín explains.


Finally, we cannot forget that the tandem (good) lighting-white is infallible, since the light tones get the light from the outside to reflect on the surfaces and increase the luminosity of the space. Fleeing the crowded spaces that obstruct the natural passage of the sun’s rays is key, but opting for a decoration in light colors is not synonymous with falling into the coldness of the ‘hospital effect’. «Even if we always think of nuclear target at first, the color has a thousand different shades that will adapt to the tastes of each one«, Helena Martín assures us that, in addition, she recommends that» to choose the perfect shade, it is best to use a RAL or NCS chart, where there is a lot of chromatic variety. By using a defined color instead of a field-made one we ensure repainting in the future without patches.


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