Decalogue by Erico Navazo for restful luxury

bet on color

And do it without fear. part of a neutral base of white, gray or stone tones, and on it uses various shades or one color with personality, such as blue, green or pink. I like the saturated and warm tones that accompany the rest of the elements.

Erico Navazo’s hallmarks are serene comfort and austere luxury, defined by light, well-selected furnishings, craftsmanship and a mix of textures.

Create very personal interiors

Avoid patterns to get the most out of space. surround yourself with those objects that make you happyof the memories that make up your life, of elements of different origins and styles and those little things that hold great meaning for you.

Surround yourself with things that hold great meaning to you.

Let the light dominate

From natural lighting, filtered by fabrics, to artificial lighting, which can be of various types, the light must be our great ally when creating a space. Indirect and decorative lighting is the one that manages to generate greater unique emotions and atmospheres.

The light must be a great ally.

think about trends

but don’t buy only objects that are fashionablebecause they are temporary. The ideal balance includes on-trend details mixed with pieces with personality and that they surprise. Take objects out of context by giving them another use.

Sofa and armchair from the Portrait collection. Designed by Erico Navazo for the Sevillian firm Ormo’s, it is an example of his taste for organic forms and poetic, soft and comfortable aesthetics.

Be natural

Nature is always a great source of inspiration, in its materials and in its forms. Using natural textures and finishes is a maxim, because they age well and provide a unique stamp with character to the spaces.

Use natural textures and finishes because they age well.

play with symmetry

It is a fundamental element that helps create order. But although symmetry is the base or starting point of a composition, it is always convenient to break it with unexpected furniture or objects in order to relax the atmosphere and give it dynamism.

Symmetry is the basis or starting point of a composition. / doctor

buy local

Value the local product also in decoration. It is a heritage that we must care for and value, and its perpetuity depends on it. Locally produced parts can contribute to spaces quality, personality and authenticity.

Value the local product also in decoration. / doctor

Decorate to live, not to impress

Create spaces in which you feel comfortable, places to enjoy relaxed, where everyone feels comfortable and stories and pleasant memories are generated. I love kitchens that become the meeting center of family and friends.

Shoe remover from the Portrait collection for Ormo’s, in whose design Navazo claims to have carried out “a redefinition of classicism”. Below is one of the pieces designed by Navazo for Ormo’s, from the Portrait collection. / DR

Dare to have fun

Don’t be afraid of mixing different patterns and drawings in the same space. Forget the myth that a base must always be smooth to incorporate prints. The mix works, let yourself go the intuition.

Do not be afraid to mix different patterns and drawings. / DR

10. Maintain a sustainable consumption

Before selecting an element to incorporate it into the decoration, you must know its origin and its production processes to find out if they have been respectful with the environment and people.

First of all, you should choose products that are respectful of the environment and people.

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