Daniel Carvajal injury: how many games will he miss with Real Madrid?

A new loss for Real Madrid. Daniel Carvajal could have a problem in the right calf and be out for up to 1 month.

Last update: September 20, 2021

A new injury to Daniel Carvajal adds to the long history of problems that the Real Madrid player has. Last season he had to miss 36 games for being physically disabled, which translated into more than 6 months of inactivity on the courts.

As always, there is concern about the repetition of these episodes. Especially in the club that welcomes him, with whom he has signed more seasons of permanence.

In this particular case, the information about Daniel Carvajal's injury remains veiled. The athlete has preferred that the medical report is not disclosed, making use of your right to safeguard the information. In any case, it has emerged that it is a muscular disorder in the area of ​​the twins.

We analyze what could have happened to the Real Madrid player in this last game that he had to leave and how this new situation is inserted in his injury history.

Daniel Carvajal's injury in the match against Valencia

In the 25th minute of the first half of the last game between Valencia and Real Madrid, Daniel Carvajal had to leave the field of play. He was replaced by a bench player for his team to continue the dispute with the 11 participants.

No specific trigger for this injury could be identified, but it is suspected that there is a trace of the problem that carries from the preseason. This, of course, not counting the long history of disorders that remain minutes on the field of play.

Although a medical report was not issued at the express request of the athlete, it has transpired that Daniel Carvajal's injury is muscular and it is located in the right twin. We cannot know with certainty what type of disorder afflicts this anatomical region.

The calves are muscles located in the back of the legs. They are powerful and essential for the march.

Daniel Carvajal's injury history

The Real Madrid footballer is known for his losing streak when it comes to muscle problems. Since the 2016/17 season, 10 muscle disorders can be counted. This is not to mention the sick leave due to viral diseases or ligament diseases.

This year has been particularly hard if we consider the time he had to be in rehab, without participating in professional disputes. Until the middle of 2021 he could be counted 3 consecutive injuries; rising to the number of 5 if we consider the 2020/2021 season.

The one on Sunday against Valencia is one more that thickens the course of pain and impotence.

The injury to the semimembranosus muscle in April this year was the most bombastic. He collected, in total, 114 days of physical loss. At the time, the medical report of Real Madrid was concise and predicted the impossibility of calculating the rehabilitation days that were needed.

This time it was decided to respect the athlete's right to medical secrecy and there is no official part of the club. It is speculated with a fibrillar tear or a strain of the gastrocnemius muscles of the right lower limb.

Possible problems in twins

In the realm of speculation, We could say that Daniel Carvajal has a strain or a fiber break in the twins. There are some differences between the two entities and we address them now.

Calf strain

In a strain there is excessive stretching of the fibers, but there is no breakage. This means that the muscle lengthens more than it should and cannot contract again to return to normal length.

It is sometimes named as muscular stretch, denoting a colloquial name for the injury. The calves are at the back of the leg and the calcaneus bone is inserted through the Achilles tendon. Hence, footballers are prone to injuring them, due to the dynamics of the game itself. But are not the only ones; dancers often suffer from it too.

Twin strain causes pain almost immediately and obliges to suspend sports activity. Players have to leave the field of play because recovery is not immediate. Although it is not a serious form of presentation, it forces you not to play some games.

Any soccer player can injure his twins. They are muscles very involved in this sport.

Fiber breakage in the calves

The break appears when muscle fibers of muscle lose continuity. That is, the overexertion caused by stretching exceeds the limits and breaks the tissue. According to the severity of the break, there are different degrees of presentation, which are as follows:

  • First grade: it is the mildest presentation. Less than 5% of the total muscle should be injured. With rest and minimal rehabilitation, in 2 weeks he returns to sports activity.
  • Second grade: this injury must exceed 5% of the total muscle. In general, a hematoma accompanies the condition and puts pressure on the surrounding fibers, further limiting mobility. It may take up to 1 month to recover.
  • Third degree: finally, the most serious form is that of the complete breakage of the fibers, with the separation of the tissue. For obvious reasons, the payback is not short and takes up to 2 months.

Based on the information we have, when calculating that Daniel Carvajal's injury will have him off the court for 2 to 4 weeks, we could be inclined to assume a second degree tear. That would match the forecast.

All footballers can have Daniel Carvajal's injury

Any soccer player, amateur or professional, can injure their calves in a match or in training. Some risk factors, such as the high demand, the lack of warm-up before starting or the drag on of previous injuries, favor the event.

It is important to detect the disorder early. When the injury is moderate or severe, the action immediately stops because of the pain. But sometimes, with mild pictures, you can tend to continue recklessly.

That is why proper warm-up routines are key. for the muscles that will work the hardest in a match. In the same way, all the training prior to specific disputes helps the tissues obtain sufficient memory and resistance to reduce the possibility of injury.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, do not underestimate the importance of taking care of your physique.

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