Dancing loses weight: all the secrets to get the most out of your hobby (secret or not)

Science supports it: dancing improves your mental health and also helps you burn calories without you hardly noticing. The psychological benefits of dancing are as important as the physical ones. And there is another thing that counts a lot: how is a so fun activity, is especially suitable for those people who want to exercise, but find it difficult to be constant.

You can try dancing on your own to your favorite songs or you can opt for a format more methodical joining a class or group session at any gym or studio. And there is also the option to follow videos online. There are no excuses: if you don’t dance, it’s because you don’t want to.

Dancing is having fun … and losing weight

The most important thing to start dancing “seriously” is find the style and the type of dance that you like the most. If your goal is to lose weight, try 150 minutes of dancing of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high intensity dance each week. Like most forms of aerobic exercise or cardiovascular, dancing has many health benefits, including weight loss.

But it is that in addition to burning a good amount of calories, dancing can also increase your muscle strength. Building lean muscle mass can help you burn fat and tone up Your muscles. Some of the health benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise, and dancing is one of the best, include increased endurance, improvement in mobility and flexibility, greater sense of Balance, regulation of blood flow, a immune system stronger the better sleep, less stress…

Benefits for your mind

Dancing not only brings benefits for your physical health, but also for your mind. Aerobic exercise can help improve your mood and reduce the risk of depression. Being a social activity, dancing in company or in a group can help you create a community feeling and be more connected with other people. And what is more important: it is a fun activity.

When you enjoy doing something, you are more likely not to give up, go ahead and even set yourself more ambitious goals. So dancing can be a great way to keep yourself motivated when you are looking to exercise to lose weight. If you dance funky for 30 minutes you can burn more than 200 calories. As with most types of exercise, more vigorous styles will help you burn more calories than slower dances like ballroom dancing or classics.

Keep in mind that as with any exercise, it is good to take some precautions to minimize the risk of injury. Thus, it is essential to do stretching, warm up, drink sharp during and after exertion, take days off break… And don’t let anything stop you!

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