Curtain bangs: what should you know about this haircut with curtain bangs?

The curtain fringe is the trend that is being requested the most in beauty salons. We tell you everything you need to know about her.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

The curtain fringe is taking all eyes this season and It already marks a strong trend in social networks, beauty salons and catwalks. It’s a great way to change the lookif you are looking for a radical change.

We will be reviewing everything you need to know about this fringe cut. Although it is not new, it reinvents itself and acquires nuances that make it a classic over and over again.

What is curtain bangs?

There are different types of bangs and each of them has its favorite face and hair type. However, in the case of the curtain fringe, the range of possibilities is widened and it is the perfect closure of the so-called curtain bang.

It’s about a Layered haircut that is closed at the front of the head with a curtain fringe. This fringe is parted in the middle, leaving an inverted “V” shape that reveals the forehead.

It is distinguished from other bangs because it forms from below the eyes and blends with the lateral layers of the hair. This union means that the fringe is naturally incorporated into the rest of the hair and is not taken as something external.

It is an extremely interesting option to change the look. Not being a classic fringe, It allows you to play with the length if you don’t dare to cut too much.

Types of hair that support it

In general, we can say that straight and slightly wavy hair is ideal to try this cut. However, in the case of curls, the issue is complicated.

It is not recommended for very curly and thick hair. You would have to resort to smoothing and modeling methods for the desired effect to be achieved.

Straight hair can be transformed with curtain bangs and break the monotony.

Types of faces to wear this cut

Being a cut that brings a lot of movement and shine to the look, it can be tried on all types of faces. However, some stylists they prefer to make this cut in hair framed by oval faces and wide foreheads.

Likewise, it also shines on elongated and angular faces. In the case of faces with important fronts, it is optimal to hide said amplitude.

Regarding the length of the hair, it can be applied to both medium and super-long hair. In both cases, success will be assured.

How can you wear a curtain fringe?

Since there are different ways to wear this fringe, it is possible to try different ways of wearing it until you find the one that suits you best. like long bangs, you can wear it open completely or just a part. On the other hand, the most common way to comb it is to the sides, making sure that the ends go back.

As for the amount of hair you should allocate to the bangs, some stylists say that just a small bunch of hair is more than enough. If you take a lot of hair, it will not look like bangs, but rather a layer of the cut.

The recommendation to maintain the shape of the cut is to go to the stylist to touch up the hair from time to time. A few precise cuts will ensure that the layers will stay in place and the freshness will not be lost.

Advantages of cutting

As can be seen in celebrities and influencer, this cut brings youth, freshness and an unbridled air in the image of those who wear it. In addition to highlighting the features, it is modern and enhances the attributes of the face.

Another advantage is that you will not need too many minutes to comb it. Use the blow dryer and your usual hair styling product to give it shape and structure. Try to comb it outwards, highlighting the layers.

The stylist can keep the layers of your cut exactly, preventing the lengths from overlapping.

The curtain fringe is a way to show off your face

We hope that you can use all this information to make a change of look important, but not radical. We have already reviewed that the shape of this fringe will not hide your eyes, so it is not uncomfortable and you will not have to remove it from the front every time.

Don’t forget to turn to professionals. That way you make sure it looks good.

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