Cure for early-stage lung cancer is near

Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases today. Although it is possible to overcome it, achieving it is quite a battle. Likewise, among the possible types of cancer, one of those with the highest mortality rate is lung cancer. Therefore, the scientific community has excellent news for the general population, lung cancer in its early stage can be eradicated easily very soon.

One of the most dangerous cancers

Lung cancer is one of those that has higher mortality rate. This type of cancer is very difficult to detect at an early stage, which is when the patient's life expectancy is best. In 80% of cases, this disease is not diagnosed until stage IV, when the chances of survival are practically nil.

Thus, lung cancer has become a dangerous enemy to fight.

New therapies on the doorstep

Recently, the medical community has released a new method that has yielded excellent results to eradicate cancer cells from the lungs from the body; when the disease is in an initial state. This therapy is very more efficient and beneficial than surgery and chemotherapy, which are the most traditional to treat cancer to this day.

It's about a immunotherapy treatment, which does not have the function of destroying cancer cells directly; rather, they strengthen and stimulate the immune system. In such a way that it is the body itself that gets rid of the malignant cells present in the lungs.

This treatment has already been applied in patients and the results have spoken for themselves. Patients treated with immunotherapy have dramatically increased their life expectancy and chances of completely eradicate cancer from your lungs.

In the case of lung cancer in an advanced stage, there is still no therapy that can eliminate the malignant cells; but a type of therapy has been applied that the life expectancy of patients has increased and the discomfort due to the disease has decreased, increasing the quality of life.

This is a targeted therapy treatment, during which the tumor presented by the patient is studied in detail to attack it through specific therapies. Thus, the progression of the disease is controlled for a longer time. However, in this case, a cure is not yet possible.

However, the great news is called dacomitinib. This is a drug that inhibits the appearance of protein kinase, which favors the advancement of lung cancer. In this way it is possible to substantially slow down the evolution of the disease, increasing the life expectancy of the patient and improving the chances of restoring health.

Although this treatment is still under study, it is already clear that it will be able to help thousands of people very soon and save many patients from certain death.