Cupcakes, muffins, brownies and much more: the cookbooks you need to put into practice your passion for American pastries

Although among our purposes for 2022 is to recover the recipes of a lifetime, we have already made it clear here that we do not resist the pleasure of cheesecakes or bundt cake. Not the cupcakes, muffins or brownies. And if you feel like we are true passion for American pastry You cannot miss these cookbooks with which you are going to make your kitchen a sanctuary of sweets and desserts made in the USA.

In the four books that we have chosen as a guide to becoming pastry experts, there is a city that plays an essential role, New York. Because it is an inescapable reference when we talk about the United States and why in its streets we find the variety of North American pastries. But we are not left alone with what comes to us from here, because recently the recipe book that reveals the secrets of one of the most recognized American pastry shops in Spain has been published in our country.

In New York: cult recipes, edited by Lunwerg and written by Marc Grossman, the reader takes an intense journey through American gastronomy using the city of skyscrapers as a reference. The author reflects in this spectacular guide seasoned with beautiful images your experience with food in New York, which as he describes is a “mixture of Greek restaurants, Jewish spices, a bit of old-fashioned Chinatown, American junk food, American healthy food …” And among all this we find dessert and main dish recipes ranging from rotisserie chicken to carrot cake, cherry pie or cheeseburger, to bagels or spaghetti with meatballs. And, of course, the restaurants where you can enjoy them on your next trip to New York.

Marc Grossman repeated his New York gastronomic experience with A sweet in New York (Lunwerg), but this time it focused exclusively on the pastries and sweets typical of the American cookbook. Divided into several sections, the first chapter offers us the recipes for classic desserts such as the cheesecake so typical of the city, but also for cinnamon rolls, pancakes or muffins. The second bet on more comfortable formats, to eat in a bite or while we are on the way to work, with brownies, energy bars or lemon cakes. And before finishing, there are other classics such as cookies or apple pie.

In New York at Christmas, Lars Wentrup and Lisa Nieschlag offer us fifty recipes with these endearing dates as the main excuse to enjoy eating. Bagels, Christmas crumbles, Christmas cookies, pumpkin pies or the well-known eggs with bacon are some of the recipes that make up this book that classifies its proposals between typical Christmas pastries, the essential dishes of a Christmas brunch or those with which we can shape the Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner menu. The Spanish edition of Lunwerg also includes Auggie Wren’s Christmas Carol, written by one of the city’s best-known authors, Paul Auster.

We end this tour with a book published this year by the publishing house Col & Col, Pastelería Americana, written by Silvia González, Head of the American pastry shop located in Barcelona, ​​Sil’s Cakes. With more than 90 recipes, the author shares the secret of her spectacular creations to take us beyond the well-known cupcakes and into the world of Sweet and salty rolls, the classic brownies and not so much, the cheesecakes or the irresistible layer cakes. And you just have to go through the local Instagram account, if you have not been lucky enough to visit it in person, to see that a new world of pastry opens before you that you will not tire of discovering and trying.

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