Cumin could help us lose weight thanks to its benefits

Surely you've heard more than once talk about this spice. The caraway or the cumin de prado have been part of our gastronomy for centuries. But it has also been used in natural medicine, since its seeds can be transformed into tea or essential oils capable of improving digestion. Although among its qualities we have been struck by one in particular: this type of cumin could help us lose weight. This has been suggested by a study carried out by the Faculty of Science of the University of Malaya.


They verified that after supplying 30 milligrams of caraway or caraway oil to several women, after 90 days, they managed to significantly reduce their body mass. They also observed how carbohydrate intake decreased. And although this research still needs more studies than corroborate it, the truth is that it points to very interesting results.

Other benefits of country cumin

Weight loss is not the only advantage that entails. As we anticipated before, this spice has been used in traditional medicine for years for various reasons.

– May reduce inflammation thanks to its antioxidant properties. Its use relieves inflammatory pains, especially those related to the digestive system.

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– Help to improve digestion and relieve swelling, reducing gases. That is why its capsules or oil is a natural remedy that is taken after meals.

– It can be a satiating food thanks to its flavor, similar to common cumin, but with a more spicy touch. Therefore it can be practical to reduce calorie intake.

And although it is not usual to find it in supermarkets, yes it can be obtained in herbalists or in personalized stores. Caraway or meadow cumin is sold in the form of supplements, oil or powder or seeds for culinary use, as it is a good complement to flavor stews, salads or bakery.

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