Crunch time: the diet that belies what you knew about eating between meals

If you were the one who is always on a diet, surely you have two very present things. Eating between meals is compared to a demonic act and the dried fruit, are completely prohibited due to its caristic value. Although its nutrients are highly beneficial, if you want to lose weight, the great advice you have always given is that you forget almonds, nuts and especially pistachios.

Yes it is true that eating between meals is not advisable when you choose 'snacks' that are not exactly healthy. But the question of whether eating between meals or not is exactly beneficial, keeps us in suspense every night.

Experts also disagree, there is no doubt: there are dietitians who consider it essential to keep the body active throughout the day, while others argue that it is not necessary. Let them begin, never better said, the games of hunger, because with these last the diets can be insufferable.

This question, to which we have not yet found a clear answer, has been answered by several studies: eating between meals is not intrinsically related to your weight, which is why It is not counterproductive when you want to lose weight. In fact, it is even beneficial for your diet and helps you have more energy. Of course, you have to exercise to compensate for the calories you eat, but the results show that if you picas foods like nuts, (yes, those that fatten so much) all are pros.

This method that receives the name of 'crunch time', it has become the last 'healthy' trend in social networks and consists of eating between meals food that makes, precisely, that sound 'crunch, crunch'. Just the one that makes the nuts. Yes, we already know that popcorn and cookies make a similar sound, but they do not work.

Yes, with moderation. As our grandmothers would say, 'little likes it, how much it tires', and that is precisely the philosophy that you must follow with nuts. You should not cram them, and is that, as with all foods, you can not abuse. This is the plan: make a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, while combining the rest of meals (ie, breakfast, lunch and dinner) in a healthy way. But eye! Pecking is not being continuously with nuts in your hand. Ideally, 30g servings a day, divided between the two snacks.

The benefits? You will arrive at the main meals much more satiated and therefore, you will eat less. A glass of water before each meal also helps, although it must be borne in mind that not all nuts have the same properties and fatten the same. Choose them raw or toasted and keep in mind that for example, pistachios have fewer calories than nuts.

We still have not convinced you? They are a source of essential fiber, help regulate your intestinal health and promote good digestion. Put aside the bars and the unhealthy 'snacks' and go to the 'crunch', all are advantages. Little word.

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