Crucial facts you should know about metastatic breast cancer

He October 19 Internationally, the World Breast Cancer Day, with the purpose of raising public awareness about this disease that affects more than 32,800 people in Spain. The data is enlightening: prevention is the key, and it is estimated that 1 in 8 women could develop cancer throughout their lives.

Giving visibility to the disease and its consequences, as well as supporting families and is a crucial task, this is why the GEICAM Breast Cancer Research Group, FECMA and Novartis Oncology They have launched a campaign on the occasion of this day called "The Accent that Changes Everything". Although we refer to breast cancer as something feminine, but it is not exclusive.

Dr. Eva Carrasco, scientific director of GEICAM points out that in the last decades, more than 80% of patients have managed to defeat the disease thanks to advances in medical treatments, something that is very hopeful on a day like this.

"" The future in research follows two main lines of work: in the majority of patients, who are diagnosed in the early stages, get more individualized treatments and reduce the rate of relapse. In the field of metastatic breast cancer , our challenge is to achieve longer survivals and a better quality of life, of course, also to customize the treatments, ”says the doctor.


In this sense, the doctor points out that GEICAM has been working for a future for 25 years in which this disease does not mean a constant struggle and, above all, a threat. "It is important to be aware that the advances come from basic and clinical research and that they need more economic resources. For this, it is necessary to update the Spanish patronage law that regulates and enhances philanthropy in a similar way to how it does in the countries around us, "concludes the doctor.

What is the impact of the disease in Spain?

-Each year breast cancer affects more than 32,800 people in Spain and causes 6,573 deaths in our country, 90% of cases occur in metastatic phase.

-At the time of diagnosis, between 5% and 6% of breast cancer patients have metastases. In addition, breast cancer in an advanced stage in women in premenopausal status is the leading cause of death in women.

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