Crossfit bike or air bike: how is it and what benefits does it have

Crossfit bike exercises are ideal for improving fitness and speeding up calorie burning. In addition, they require little space and time to practice. Discover other advantages.

Last update: June 08, 2021

The Crossfit bike or air bike is —as its name suggests— an air resistance bike that combines rowing with the static and elliptical option. Its principle is to achieve an increase in intensity in metabolic training to cause rapid changes in calorie loss.

This physical fitness equipment allows power alternatives according to the condition of each athlete, which makes its use comfortable. Likewise, it presents a very interesting adaptability with various routines, as in the case of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Do you want to know more about how it works and its benefits? Continue reading!

How does the Crossfit bike or air bike work?

The operation is based on an inertia flywheel that disperses air in proportion to the increase in the speed of the performer. In other words, the greater the effort made by the practitioner, the higher the speed, the more an increase in resistance will be generated.

The aforementioned principle with which the Crossfit bicycle works makes it compatible with short training routines of maximum intensity. However, before starting the sessions, priority should be given to safety with a maximum aerobic speed (VAM) test.

Maximum aerobic speed (MAS)

The introduction of this concept is convenient so that there are no risks of suffering cardiorespiratory difficulties. VAM is the speed a person reaches when their oxygen consumption reaches the maximum levels. In this way, the test results have as determining factors the level of training and genetic conditions.

This test can be used with a constant pedaling lasting between 5 and 7 minutes. With that time it will be enough to evaluate the condition of the individual and anticipate problems when it is required in some intense activity.

The crossfit bike is ideal for HIIT or high intensity interval training sessions.

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Which has benefits?

Power and coordination are raised as capabilities that are enhanced with the Crossfit bike. Added to this, many muscles are involved in the dynamics. Now, it is time to reveal the main benefits. Discover them!

1. Increased cardiovascular endurance

An increase in the maximum time supported by repetitive contractions of the muscles of the upper and lower body is denoted. That is, resistance is increased and the presence of muscle injuries due to cyclical wear is delayed.

What's more, It helps to know the heart limit so as not to exceed it and sustain the training rhythm much more. On the other hand, the risk of cardiovascular problems is reduced with exercise, as indicated by research published in the Revista Española de Cardiología.

2. Accelerated calorie burning

By covering various muscle groups of the upper and lower body, the demand is maximum and the metabolism is accelerated. With this, a calorie burn is achieved above any other machine.

As evidenced by a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, high intensity exercises (allowed on the Crossfit bike), practiced for 30 minutes, are capable of burning 30% more calories than road cycling, continuous running and weight lifting.

3. Strengthening the legs

There are many options for exercising your legs. Despite this, training without excessive loads is an ideal way to increase muscle mass in the legs. Consequently, applying a speed at the rate of a sprint It has effects that resemble weightlifting.

4. Increased aerobic capacity

Fatigue shortly after starting the exercise is counteracted with the series of routines that the Crossfit bike supports. And it is that aerobic capacity increases exponentially. Something that is denoted in improvements in the uptake, processing and release of oxygen.

On the other hand, there are benefits over the maximum intensity that an individual can sustain in time before blood lactate begins to increase. This increase in the concentration of lactic acid is an indication of problems in muscle contraction during exercise, hypoxia and fatigue.

Regular practice of this exercise improves aerobic capacity. Thus, the feeling of fatigue during the routine decreases.

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5. Routines in a short time

Due to the intensity in the execution of the routines, the time invested is much less in relation to various activities. Therefore, the results are faster. Thus, it is possible to include exercise if time is short, also giving a longer period for muscle recovery.

6. Take care of the joints

Joints are not damaged by activity because the Crossfit bike or air bike it is not restrictive on how to train. To this end, it is tailored to particular physical capacity, which also supports prolonged low intensity workouts if necessary.

Final considerations of the Crossfit bike or air bike

It is convenient to go to a coach or an expert in the field to define the routine according to the goals you have. These can be the following:

  • Tone up.
  • Burn calories.
  • Develop the muscles.
  • Improve cardiovascular health.
  • Increase strength.
  • Increase resistance.
  • Increase the explosiveness of the movements.

For the final stages of rehabilitation after injury, gradual goals should be proposed favored by the flexibility of intensity of the Crossfit bicycle. Physical evolution is possible in a short time!

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