Cristina Pedroche also uses the menstrual cup (and has a very powerful reason for it)

More and more women are using the menstrual cup. Both for its benefits and for being a sustainable alternative and mcuho more natural than tampons and compresses.

The last one to join the cup has been the presenter Cristina Pedroche that has gone up in its history of Instagram an image holding the glass with a text that represents us all.

"One more month here you are, using the menstrual cup is one of the best decisions I made many months ago for myself and for the environment." Coinciding with the World Environment Day, the presenter wanted to share this image to give visibility to a topic, which we still consider taboo.

instagram @ cristipedroche

With this gesture, the presenter wanted to reduce their environmental impact and share the change with their followers, demonstrating that there are sustainable options in the market beyond the traditional ones. Moreover, there is even a supermarket that sells a menstrual cup very low cost, with the aim that it is available for all budgets.

Thank you, Cristina for talking about a subject that concerns us all.

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