Craving, the desire to consume

He craving It is a relatively recent concept, which it refers to the intense and almost unstoppable desire to consume a substance (drug) or to abandon withdrawal to that substance.

The first time this concept was used was around the 1940s. At that time, It was defined as a very intense urge to consume opiates, such as heroin or morphine, during withdrawal syndrome.

However, today, it still seems difficult to define this situation concretely. What is clear is that he craving it is a fundamental aspect in drug addiction, and that is closely related to relapses to it.

Unfortunately, there are many drugs that can make the craving appear. Although people don't know it, It is very typical of alcohol consumers or smokers. Therefore, in this article we explain everything you need to know about this problem.

What is the craving?

As we have already mentioned, craving is the compelling desire to take a substance. This desire is an unstoppable impulse that is "seized" in some way by the person. However, it is not the same as withdrawal syndrome.

Withdrawal syndrome includes a set of symptoms, both physical and psychological, that appear after you stop taking a substance to which you are addicted (a drug). It is often the case in alcoholics or drug addicts such as heroin.

However, to differentiate them, you have to understand that the craving may appear even after overcoming withdrawal. This is so because that desire to take the drug again remains, even for months or years later.

He craving It is associated with many different types of substances. It covers from the desire to smoke or drink alcohol, to the fact of wanting to use cocaine or strong opioids such as heroin again.

It is necessary to be aware of this fact: something that we have as socially accepted as tobacco, can condition us for life. It is an addiction as severe and harmful as the rest.

He craving It consists in the imperative desire to consume some substance, which may be drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

Are there different types of craving?

There are scientists who claim that there are two different types of craving. In the first place is the physical, which occurs almost parallel to the withdrawal syndrome. Like this, it is accompanied by physical symptoms such as tachycardia, cold sweats and even seizures.

That is, this first type is a desire to re-consume the drug, motivated by the strong symptoms that are experienced during withdrawal. It is usually the most complex to face and handle.

On the other hand, there is the craving psychological. It is the one that appears later, once the acute withdrawal syndrome has been overcome. It occurs when it has been time without consuming, either months or years.

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How can you treat the craving?

After all, we must be clear that both addiction and abstinence or craving These are situations that can be treated and improved. For it, Ideally, always use a specialist, a psychologist to help us manage it, or even support groups.

He craving One of the aspects that most influence the relapses of people who have been addicted to something. In the same way, It is the factor that usually causes the addiction to continue. Therefore, it is important to know it well and handle it.

To handle the craving It is necessary to identify those situations associated with the consumption pattern of the substance. Thus, the first step will be to avoid them.

The idea is to try to avoid situations that are associated with the consumption pattern of that substance. That is, try to stay away from that situation that the person relates to the fact of acquiring the drug. For example, if it is an alcoholic, the ideal is to reduce night outings or visits to bars.

It is also important give that person tools to control that automatic behavior of using the drug. This also influences the psychological or psychic situation, since in moments of weakness or sadness it is always easier to relapse.

Even, therapies are very focused on teaching these people to manage stress or self-esteem. Similarly, another effective way to control it is usually to focus attention on other activities, such as exercise.

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In conclusion

He craving It is that irrational and imperative desire to consume a drug or substance to which you are addicted. It is important to know that it does not appear only before drugs such as heroinIf not, tobacco or alcohol can cause it.