COVID: the remedy is waiting

We have seen the president Donald trump shouting in a very exalted way this week that he is fed up with the COVID pandemic and with Dr. Fauci, the head of the fight against the coronavirus in the US It is very surprising that the leader of a civilized country adopts a denialist position, especially because this position can be translated into human victims. But the truth is that what happens to the American president is happening to many people. The feeling of fullness, fatigue, neglect for security measures along with the despair of many, for the economic situation and the uncertainty about what may happen in the near future, it creeps in more and more people.

The situation has radically changed Regarding the first confinement in the state of alarm at the beginning of the year. We will all remember the applause at the windows at 8 pm for the health personnel that was celebrated almost as a ritual throughout our geography. Most of the health workers I have contact with agree that something has changed. Many patients have low morale and are listless or unmotivated. Many people thought that after the state of alarm ended, this would lead to a summer and months afterwards almost as if nothing had happened. Far from this, today we are worse, at least in the number of declared cases. In addition, the Dantesque show of political clash between the health authorities of the Ministry of Health and those of the Community of Madrid it has made no one clear what to do or not to do.

What about vaccination? What state are the jobs in? And most importantly, when are we going to be able to get vaccinated? In its latest statement dated October 2, World Health Organization (WHO) cites 42 'candidate vaccines' studied in human clinical trials around the world – versus just 11 in mid-June. Ten are already in the most advanced stage, phase 3, where the efficacy of the vaccine is measured on a large scale, in thousands of volunteers spread over several continents. Among them the German-American alliance Biontech / Pfizer, who announced on Friday, October 16, the plan to request approval of his vaccine during the third week of November.

COVID killed more people in one day than the eta terrorist gang in its entire history

It seems that during the month of December Spain will receive 3 million doses of the laboratory vaccine AstraZenecaAs two doses are required to achieve immunization with this amount, 1.5 million people can be vaccinated. The rest of us will have to wait until the first semester of 2021. During the month of July I wrote that in France there was already a document prepared by a committee of experts and published by the health authorities of this country with the criteria for distributing the vaccine among the population. In Spain it still does not exist, or at least I am not able to find it.

A great tragedy

I recently attended the ABC health awards attended by the minister Salvador Illa, among other authorities. I was especially moved by the emotional speech of thanks given by the son of the Dr Emilio Ucar 58, who died a victim of COVID. "Behind each and every one of the victims there is a personal story and a family that is torn apart by the tragedy". Many times listening to the monotonous voice of the newscaster, telling us the victims of the day, we forget this drama.

We do not realize that in its most critical phase, COVID killed more people in one day than the terrorist group ETA in its entire history and that the damage was similar to that two Boeing 747 aircraft will explode daily. If the measures adopted are not sufficient, there will be no other choice but to adopt new ones. The philosopher Schopenhauer used to say that "health is not everything but without health there is nothing." This phrase is also applicable to economics.

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