COVID-19: WHO affirmed that the vaccine will not be available before 2022

Soumya Swaminathan, leader of WHO scientists, announced on Wednesday that the organization believes that the vaccine It will not reach everyone before 2022. However, they hope that this immunity against Covid-19 can reach high-risk groups by mid-2021.

During a virtual conference that I gave through social networks, the Indian expert highlighted the following:

“Many believe that a vaccine will arrive early next year that will solve everything, but it will not. There is a long process of licensing, evaluation, manufacturing and distribution that must be carried out ”.

The most optimistic scenario

Swaminathan, revealed that from the organization they hope as a positive scenario that the doses reach several countries to middle of next year. He added that priority should be given to the highest risk groups. Since at the time there will not be the necessary amount of vaccinations for the entire population.

He also stressed that it is the first time in history that it is needed billions of doses of an immunity. Since the annual vaccination campaigns that are carried out in a massive way, only require hundreds of millions of doses.

On the other hand, he said healthcare workers should be the first to be vaccinated, because they are the most exposed. And those who are constantly fighting on the front line against Covid-19. Then, as more doses are received, they should be destined for the elderly and people with other diseases.

These parameters should be met in all countries until the doses arrive en masse. For this reason it will be a process that will take a couple of years.

The head of the agency warned that people must be disciplined and continue with the restriction measures that have been established. Such as the use of face masks, social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Possible vaccines and their prices

From the moment the pandemic began, the United Nations agencies have tried to coordinate coronavirus vaccine research. In order to get one that is effective as soon as possible and with all the security guarantees.

But out of 170 projects, only 10 are trying to get immunity against SARS-CoV-2 and they are in phase 3 of their trials, which will define their success or failure.

In the virtual meeting Swaminathan, I talk about the functioning of COVAX. A program with which the WHO and other international organizations are helping fund vaccine research. He also indicated that the estimated price per dose is between 2 and 30 dollars Americans. He also recalled that most states vaccinate their citizens for free or at a very low cost.

To conclude, Swaminathan tried not to alarm the population and assured that they do everything possible to ensure that the vaccine process go ahead and be totally safe.

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