Covid-19: These are the 11 possible symptoms after the application of the vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine it can cause other sensations that go beyond pain and swelling from the injection. Although it does not always happen, there are already records of side effects that are overcome in all cases. Either with the antidote of the Pfizer and BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Oxford or with Sputnik V, There are 11 possible symptoms that people experience after getting the vaccine.

According to statistics, the most frequent symptoms affect more than 1 in 10 vaccinatedBut these do not pose a serious health risk. And much less when compared to the consequences that the coronavirus can leave in recovered people.

In order not to generate extra concern, we expose which are the symptoms that appear after being inoculated.

Pain at the injection site

All injections hurt and leave an imprint on the site of application, at least a few hours. This vaccine is no exception, the condition appears in many cases.


It is a symptom that occurs in more than 1 of every vaccinated people, it is usually not so strong and it relieves quickly.

Muscle and joint discomfort

According to the leaflets of the Spanish Medicines Information Center (CIMA), inoculated people may present pain in the muscles and joints.

General tiredness

Fatigue can be another symptom that indicates that the vaccine is working. Many people may have general disorders and disorders at the site of administration, according to the Pfizer and BioNTech package insert.


Gastrointestinal symptoms may appear during the antidote assimilation process. And they can affect more than 1 in 100 people injected.


Fever is usually a symptom that appears after the application of the second dose of the vaccine. One in 10 people may have an elevation in their body temperature of up to 38or .

Shaking chills

Some vaccinated have chills along with a possible feverish feeling. This is an indication that the body is responding to the drug.

Swelling at the injection site

Following pain at the vaccine site, some swelling may occur.

Focused redness

It is not one of the most frequent symptoms, it appears only in 1 in 100 vaccinated people. It is about erythema, hives and / or rashes where the injection is applied.

Swollen glands in the axillary area

Some vaccines can cause lymphadenopathyThis refers to an inflammation of the glands found in the armpits.


It is also not one of the most common symptoms. However, some inoculated people may develop skin rashes. It is considered the only skin disorder.

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