Covid-19: the Russian vaccine will be free and risk groups will have priority

This Tuesday the vice president of health Carla vizzotti the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini they assured that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 will be free. And that people belonging to risk groups, medical personnel and security forces will be established as a priority. They estimate that the country will have the conditions to receive 25 million vaccines between December and January 2021.

Government and health authorities are already working on the vaccination map and have marked the routes that need the dose as soon as possible. Nicolini explained in dialogue with The uncovering, that distribution will be equitable, with a federal vision so that everyone can access in a timely manner.

He added that the entire Argentine population will be able to access free of charge to this vaccine. Each antidote has a cost of USD19.90, a value that the government will absorb in its entirety.

He also indicated that the antidote should be applied in two doses, maintaining a minimum interval of 21 days. And the offer includes receiving 25 million vaccines, that is, 50 million doses.

"There is nothing dark or not very transparent"

Carla Vizzotti, clarified that there is no geopolitical interest behind the election of the russian vaccine against virus "There is nothing dark or not very transparent here" He indicated that Russia is a world power and they are confident in its impressive scientific development.

He pointed out that this antidote is subjected to the same safety protocols as the rest of the doses that are being studied in the world. He said that the same tests are being carried out as the others and nothing is being done differently than what would have been done with the rest.

Vizzotti, assured that they will build confidence and will arrive better prepared for their application, despite being in an unprecedented situation that generates a lot of stress. The uncertainty of not having phase 3 completed of any vaccine is something that works against, but it is believed that this will be the beginning of the end of the virus problems.

Both members of the Government agree in their statements that they have already had enough contact with the government authorities. They confirmed that the contract with Russia would be signed at risk, as it will only be finalized when it demonstrates effectiveness against the virus. Additionally, you must pass the Phase 3 test to ensure your application is secure.

Vizzotti concluded that the rest of the countries of the world are also making risk contracts with all laboratories. And these, in turn, are investing at risk. This unprecedented situation is the one faced worldwide, according to the statement he gave in dialogue with Radio with you.

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