Covid 19: The heroes who stand up to the Coronavirus

By: Stephen Dove Alejandro Mata Roberto Ruiz Ballesteros Maria Zuil Héctor G. Barnés Alberto Pérez Giménez

Francis Scott Fitzgerald's famous sentence read "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy." Perhaps it is preferable not to pay much attention to the writer and try to turn his maxim. Show me a limit situation and we will find heroes. Most likely, they always were, but history had not yet revealed their importance. Blurred as we are usually by the great myths, superhuman exploits and stories, we forget that we all do the tribe, that the world stops without health professionals, but also without cleaners, drivers, caretakers or volunteers.

We present here eight different people who are contributing as much as possible to stopping the coronavirus, sometimes exposing themselves and their families, working in fear and uncertainty. But they are also willing to guarantee that life goes on, that the most disadvantaged do not pay the consequences of a cruelly arbitrary epidemic.

It could be them, it could be eight other different ones, which does not relativize their merit, but rather helps us to understand the importance that each and every one of us has in the gear of a society that cannot be stopped. Maybe they are not heroes, just workers, parents, sisters, friends, caregivers. In short, human beings.