COVID-19: New Zealand ends restrictions outside Auckland

New Zealand it has been praised for the way it responded to the global outbreak. Since he managed to go more than three months without registering cases of community transmission of COVID-19. Thanks to this, now the country ends the restrictions, however, Auckland is left without effect due to a new outbreak registered in the city.

On September 21, Arden announced the end of restrictions across the country, although in the state of Auckland they can only be made more flexible. He indicated that the city needs more time while the new cases are controlled, to then be able to lift the measures imposed on it. This is reported by the newspaper tI have Guardian.

Starting at 11:59 pm on the same date, all residents outside of Auckland will be able to use public transport without masks. And your social gatherings no longer have to be limited to 100 people. This change in virus containment measures is called "level 1" and represents a great achievement for New Zealand.

In a statement to reporters in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, Ardern noted the following:

Our collective actions have brought the virus under control. This was the center of the outbreak and that is why caution is needed here.

How will restrictions be handled in and out of the city with the new outbreak of COVID-19?

The new rules for Auckland will be a bit more bearable as social gatherings with a maximum of 100 people. However, in companies workers will be required to maintain a healthy distance and use masks. The use of face masks on airplanes and public transport will also continue to be mandatory.

"There is no free response to COVID, no matter what your strategy is," New Zealand's prime minister told reporters in the city.

He added that the country's economy is "More open" than almost any other country in the world. So they expect a speedy recovery from it, although the country is not affected in terms of income or expenses.

He also added that although restrictions have been lifted in most of the country, citizens should continue to use the government tracking app. As well as, maintain good hygiene and stay home if you are not feeling well.

A record in virus arrest

New Zealand has a total number of COVID-19 cases of 1,815 and its total number of deaths is 25. According to this information, the Johns Hopkins University reported that these numbers are far less than those recorded in other countries.

Currently, 62 are reported new cases of COVID-19 in the country, indicating that surveillance and control are still needed.

Would you like the restriction measures to end in your country as well?

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