COVID-19: Chilean researchers presented a prototype of antiviral

A novel antiviral It has been announced by Chilean experts. As it is wide-ranging, it is hoped that it will protect people from all kinds of viruses. Including the one who a few months ago left China!

The University of Concepción (UdeC) has collaborated to create this medicine. All the research was done thanks to his team from the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Many believe it is an unexpected option for counteract the coronavirus. It should not be forgotten that it has unleashed havoc across the planet.

The truth is that the new antiviral uses interferons to fulfill its mission. That is, it does so by manipulating proteins intended to protect against infectious agents.

What are interferons?

Are glycoproteins secreted by cells when attacked by viruses. What do these interferons do? The answer is hopeful: they interfere with the replication of such viruses.

Thanks to interferons, viruses don't multiply. Keep in mind that these microscopic entities increase in quantity when they invade a cell.

That is the reason why pandemics occur: the amount of virus increases in its hosts. In addition, interferons also activate cells that immunize the body. The macrophagesFor example, they depend on these glycoproteins to carry out their protective mission.

> The Dr. Jorge Toledo – head of the Department of Pathophysiology of the UdeC—, has stated that the antiviral prototype has passed the first tests. Preclinical trials have been successful and are expected to be used in people. In just a few months they can test human tests!

For his part; the Dra. Soraya Gutiérrez – current Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences – endorses this new antiviral. The doctor states that the interferon used comes from both humans and animals. Likewise, it has been shown that is more powerful than conventional virus drugs.

It is important to say that interferon has been used for decades as an antiviral. Chileans now seek to enhance it and make it able to counteract more viruses.

Against all viruses, including Covid-19

This research with interferon is developing for four years. However, in the face of the coronavirus emergency, their work and more tests accelerate. In truth, it is believed to have the potential to curb the danger of COVID-19.

The coronavirus contingency he taught usña many things. For example, that we should value medical research. Perhaps it is the Chileans who achieve the merit of offering a solution to this problem. After all, his inquiries have been ongoing for several years.

Since Chile already announces a hope.


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