COVID-19: cases of infected children increase in Mexico

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 seems to spread among children Mexicans. For the beginning of June, the statistics show that contagions increase in the children's field. Institutions like Save the Children call on the government to Mexico about.

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Happens that Save the Children is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by the British Eglantyne Jebb (1876-1928), with the intention of protecting the rights of children. Currently, I monitor the issue of health among infants.

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Not only this organization has made a call on the subject. It happens that the coronavirus has affected the elderly in large amounts. However, in Mexican territory the infections indicate that children they are also vulnerable to this infection.

In just a month and a half, infections are increasing

In this regard, this organization indicates that the amount of children in Mexican territory with infection of coronavirus It has increased significantly. In just an average month, the amounts increase from 84 cases to 2,228 cases. 26 more times in just 45 days!

The Mexican government has made efforts to stop the pandemic. For example, the development of a quick and inexpensive test to detect COVID 19. However, it is necessary to increase sanitary measures.

Understanding the reality of the coronavirus

It happens that more research is needed on the coronavirus, forms of infection and prevention to achieve effective ways to contain it.

In Mexican soil, preventive measures seem to apply to the upper and middle strata of society. On the other hand, among the population with fewer resources, children are more exposed to coronavirus

> Many times, these infants must work to help their parents. For this reason, they tend to spend more time on the streets. That is how they grow the chances thatThey want the disease.

The above is what they classify as “pre-existing forms of vulnerability”. In that case, it happens that they apply care and prevention without considering the low strata economically.

Mexico can get ahead of the pandemic

Both Mexicans and all of Latin America must get down to work to get ahead. The coronavirus has spread by the region, especially among the population with less economic possibilities.

However, the experience of other countries shows that the pandemic of coronavirus. The infections they are stopped with the appropriate measures. Whether increase and they respect sanitary measures, the disease lowers the transmission peak.

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Can Mexicans overcome this circumstance? Yes, like all Latin America. We can do it if we understand the behavior of the COVID-19. Likewise, evaluating the reality of our societies to deduce the strategies to implement. Together we will get ahead!