Covid-19: a volunteer who participated in the Oxford vaccine tests died

Covid-19 is still world news. From Brazilian soil it was announced that a volunteer died in the Oxford vaccine trial. In Brazil, it has been striking news, as many comments and rumors have arisen about it.

The news has been corroborated by the Brazilian official health institution: Anvisa. The death occurred on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. It is a situation that generates speculation, although it is known that all medical tests go through such contingencies.

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A treatment developed between AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford

A few weeks ago it became known start of trials in Brazil with Oxford vaccine. Also, that the Rio de Janeiro government has had plans to buy this treatment from the United Kingdom. The intention is to mass produce it.

To achieve this, Brazilians count on the Fio Cruz biomedical research center in Rio de Janeiro. What is striking is that they are also testing, in parallel, the vaccine from China, which is called Sinovac.

LChina's injection is developed in Sao Paulo, at Instituto Butantan. It is inferred that the Amazon nation wishes to have a medical response to counter the coronavirus in the region.

In Brazil, the second highest number of deaths from coronavirus has died

This South American country it only ranks behind the US in number of deaths. It adds a total of 154,000 dead. Also, the number of cases exceeds 5.2 million people. It is the worst outbreak after the European and North American.

For the reasons mentioned above, the carioca government tries to stop the pandemic at all costs. This is how it has tried to try several injections, placing its research sites for trials and production of them.

The subject of this injection and its considerations

It was stated that the Oxford vaccine was able to activate the immune system. The idea that was to get the body be able to protect yourself better against this disease. The treatment aimed at the body being able to control the virus with the stimulus of the injection.

There is still no clarity in finding a treatment against the pandemic. For now, social isolation and prevention are the best stratagems to keep the coronavirus at bay. What else can be done? For now, wait for a way to remove the virus.

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Will we have a treatment against the coronavirus? We will certainly succeed. Sooner or later we will stop this health problem. Mankind has already achieved limit smallpox, bubonic plague and other diseases.



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