Countries with the best and worst health systems in the world: Taiwan is the leader

The healthcare Each country is always one of the main concerns of its inhabitants. Whether you like to travel for pleasure or your work forces you to do so, knowing that you will be safe if something happens to you or you have a problem with Health In a nation that is not yours, it is very important.

In what position of the ranking Do you think Spain is? The truth is that our country is in the top ten. This is ensured by a new report published by 'CEOWorld Magazine' and prepared by Numbeo, a global database that collects a multitude of sources, data and statistics internationally. In it, users add and provide information from more than 4,000 cities in the world about traffic, the health system, security …

Don't think it's like Wikipedia. This web check and contrast everything that comes to you so that the data is as thorough and truthful as possible. In addition, this index also takes into account environmental factors, access to drinking water, sanitation and the Government's willingness to impose sanctions on different health risks such as tobacco consumption and obesity.

Obtaining adequate access to medical care when you need it most is essential for wellness. Which country do you think occupies the first place of this listing? Japan? Finland? You are not wrong.

Top 10

In regards to healthcare, Taiwan Lead the list. The National Health Insurance (NHI), covers all citizens since birth and was introduced in the country in 1995. According to the 2019 Numbeo Health Index, this country reach the highest score (86,69) regarding, among other factors, skills and competencies of medical staff, equipment for modern diagnoses and treatments, and convenience of location.

Our country, according to a WHO report, currently has the highest life expectancy of all European Union states.

The ranking led by the Asian country was elaborated on the study of others 89 states. The top ten is completed with South Korea, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Thailand, Spain (7th position with a 78.42), France, Belgium and Australia.

Our country, according to a report from the World Health Organization, currently has the highest life expectancy of all the states of the European Union. The national universal health system in Spain offers free access to many Basic medical and health services. We reach an extremely high score thanks to the cost and proximity.

And the others?

Austria It is the European country that best stands out (in 4th position), followed by Denmark. Behind us are located France Y Belgium, also in the top ten. U.S, which had a strong debate about it during the end of the mandate of Barack Obama, is in position number 30. Mexico, is just behind his neighbor in 29th place and Argentina She is the Latin American winner, in 27.

China, the power that most harasses Taiwan and tries to close its doors in all international forums, is listed in 46, product of its precarious health infrastructure and the little access that its inhabitants have to the health system. Most Spanish-speaking countries are in the middle of the table: Colombia (35), Uruguay (39), Chile (44); or below: Costa Rica (fifty), Peru (62), Puerto Rico (64), Dominican Republic (72). Who are they the five worst? Bangladesh (85), Azerbaijan (86), Iraq (87), Venezuela (88) and Morocco (89).