Coronavirus: smokers must be extremely careful

It is no secret to anyone the damage that cigarette smoking does to the body. And although the intake of this type of product has always been dangerous, currently the risk increases twice as much with the appearance of the coronavirus. According to the Italian Institute of Health (ISS), smokers are more likely to end up in intensive care if they become infected with COVID-19.

According to the most recent studies about the new coronavirus, at least a third of smokers who contracted this virus developed a more severe infection than other people without this addiction. According to ISS research, the majority of COVID-19 smokers required intensive care due to the severity of the virus.

Most of those affected by the virus are men. In countries with more patients, such as Italy and China, part of their population has this addiction. In China, at least 50% of men are smokers, while only 3% of women are. Within Italy, there are 11.6 million smokers, among them 7 million are men. Given this, the Italian authorities have recommended that citizens quit smoking.

Why are smokers at higher risk?

Using tobacco irreparably damages the lungs. Although it should be noted that the smoker is not endangered solely by COVID-19. Smoking also affects other organs and is related to deadly diseases, in addition to being one of the main causes of death in much of the world.

People with smoking are vulnerable when it comes to getting the virus, in addition to which the symptoms are greater and that the infection is more likely to worsen. In the United States, one in five deaths was due to nicotine addiction.

What other people are at risk for the coronavirus?

Smokers, the elderly and people with diseases, vulnerable to COVID-19

Smokers, despite being among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, are not the only ones. There is another group of people at risk of contagion and strong infections. The WHO has called on the world community for the danger of the elderly, with diabetes, heart or lung problems, although they stressed that the danger of smokers is equal to or worse than theirs.

The problem that currently exists with people who smoke is that they represent a large group of the population. It should be noted that the cases of people with the aforementioned diseases, who also have the habit of smoking, the risk of COVID-19 increases.

For smokers, maintaining quarantine is not the only thing to do, it is important that they also leave this habit that does so much damage to their body.

Here we share some tips that will help you.