Coronavirus: should eggs be washed and disinfected?

He coronavirus it forces us to change many customs. For example, after shopping in the market, you have to disinfect everything. Many wonder if they should wash the eggs, since its shell would be exposed to the virus and the weather.

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However, there are those who say that this must be done with care. Why? It happens that the shell protects the interior of the egg due to a sum of components that are lost when cleaning its surface.

Eggshell has special properties

It is a porous shell, which even takes advantage of the dust and dirt it has to be waterproof. For this, it has a thin layer of cuticle. All this protection is drained when washing, thus losing this food its qualities and inner purity.

What is recommended is to consume the eggs at little time to wash them. Otherwise, all its content begins to be contaminated and will not be preserves its nutritional value. This shows that each food has its own peculiarities and cleaning methods.

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What then to do to disinfect these foods?

We have already said that it is not prudent to wash them. Another thing: it is not prudent to use cold water, since low temperatures are the ones that most eliminate protective layer thereof. In such a case, the recommended hygiene protocol is as follows:

-Use gloves to handle the newly bought eggs.

Discard the cardboard, or box, in which these foods are usually sold.

Boil water, but without allowing it to overheat. Cleaning is done with warm water.

Dip the eggs in the warm water for a few minutes.

-Take them out and clean them with a very soft cloth.

-Store them in a tightly closed glass container.

Every time these foods are consumed, you have to discard the shell immediately. Thus, correct hygiene and handling of eggs bought in the supermarket is achieved.

Another recommendation: never apply gel, soap or similar substances. These products can permeate the interior and damage the quality of the egg consumed.

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Caring for food during the coronavirus season

This pandemic forces many habits to change. It is very neat: wash your hands, shoes, keep your distance, etc. Likewise, food must always be cleaned.

Food products are sold in public areas, where the virus can spread easily. Food like vegetables and fruits can be washed in the traditional way: under the Waterjet. However, eggs have their hygiene protocol.

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Should we clean the food we bring home? Of course, this way you avoid possible contagions of the COVID 19. However, provisions such as eggs must be disinfected differently. Slowly, we will learn to deal with this virus. Let's do it!


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