Coronavirus: How to reduce the risk of contagion when traveling by public transport

Faced with the coronavirus situation, a fundamental question arises: how to reduce the risk of contagion when traveling by public transport. It should not be forgotten that in cities these means of transport are necessary for the population.

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A scene where there are always a lot of people

When mobilizing in this way it is inevitable to think in large number of people. Therefore, it must be considered that it is necessary to consider social distancing with care. Likewise, it is necessary to have order.

In that case, it is worth mentioning some specific advice. We indicate them below so that you can take the measures that you consider necessary to take care of the coronavirus.

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Tips to take care of COVID-19 in public transport

Due to the aforementioned, it happens that it is very useful to know how coronavirus is spread and can be prevented in sites where there are several people. In this regard, we indicate the following suggestions:

Keep at least a distance of 1.5 meters from other people, if possible.

Try not to have contact with any surface. It is best to wear gloves.

Avoid touching your eyes and nose both during transport and immediately afterwards.

It is mandatory to wear the mask. Only in this way is it guaranteed to protect the mucosa as much as possible.

Wash your hands as soon as you can when exiting public transport.

These are the most basic tips. You should consider them all. Likewise, you should know that they have been detected new virus mutations what require special sanitary control measures. Follow the instructions in each case.

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And what happens if you travel in private vehicles?

Here we are faced with an interesting question. Many believe that traveling in their own car is equivalent to staying in a bubble. This is not entirely true! And much less if you travel with other people.

In any case, here we also leave you some considerations if you are going to travel this way. Note that you must take care of yourself at all times. Traveling involves traveling to various places where you expose yourself to contagion.

Stop as little as possible: get out and get to your destination without interruptions.

Do not abandon the biosecurity implements: masks, gloves, disinfectant and mask. Many people mistakenly think that when traveling by car these precautions are not necessary.

Beware at gas stations: wear gloves and disinfect your hands before getting back into the car. We recommend you bring what you need to clean yourself once you refuel.

With these tips You can take the proper precautions. Remember that the best weapon against the coronavirus is prevention, which is something that is in your hands. You must protect yourself!

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What other tips can we indicate? Well, the most important thing is that public transport implies awareness. All who move from this way they must abide by the necessary health measures. Let's do it!




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