Coronavirus crisis in Mexico: a country on the verge of collapse

Mexico is going through a complex situation due to the effects of the coronavirus, as stated by representatives of the Pan American Health Organization in the country. The pandemic has generated that many federal entities are at edge of collapse. This crisis has affected different aspects and important engines of many Mexican cities.

Health authorities at the state level ensure that they do everything possible to save as many lives. However, they consider that the focus should be directed so that the population respects the measures of distance and protection. Properly executing the traffic light system that helps correct de-escalation of the confinement.

The country has become the epicenter of the pandemic on the American continent, with more than 14,000 deaths. And about 7 million positive cases which is under observation.

Main risk factors and preventive measures

Mexican society has one of the highest rates of childhood overweight and obesity in the world. In addition to eating disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, conditions that keep the population at a disadvantage when faced with cornonaviruses.

The behavior of COVID-19 has not yet been fully understood. But the latest findings indicate that it stays on surfaces for up to 2 days on average and in the best conditions for up to 9. And that molecular tests are the most reliable and safe.

It is not yet known if immunity is long-term or if the disease can be contracted again. This suggests that preventive measures such as the mask or mouthpiece and the minimum distance between people be maintained until the virus is eliminated. And if the appearance of new cases and the increasing death of the person persists, a reconfining, taking into account the social and economic consequences that it implies.

Social awareness to avoid spreading the virus

The collapse in the health system can only be avoided with the execution of appropriate measures, which helps the hospital restructuring. Giving time to personnel training and availability of supplies that can combat the virus.

The capacity of the medical area will be sufficient while all inhabitants of Mexico avoid exposure to the disease. And understand that there is no group that is exempt from contracting COVID-19 and dying from it.

A clinical trial being carried out by the World Health Organization promises great results. However, no treatment has yet been found that will eradicate the virus and offer a effective therapy. Meanwhile, the only way to contain the crisis the country is facing in terms of health is by executing individual responsibility. Continue with the healthy distance, cover your mouth and nose and wash your hands with soap.

We are still on time!