Controversy: Will the Covid-19 vaccine be mandatory?

In the last hours, a controversy has been generated about the possibility of compulsively administering immunity doses to the population. Especially after Carla vizzotti, Secretary of Access to Health of the Nation, will announce that the vaccine against Covid-19 it will be mandatory in Argentina. But that in the first stage the government will only allow the application of those that comply with all legal security regulations.

The official said; "Perhaps it is a bit aggressive to say that it will be mandatory, but most of the population would be vaccinated against the virus." He also maintained that they are aware that there are many people who have doubts about what they hear and even feel threatened. Therefore, he confirmed that your path is information.

For his part, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, and his partner Daniel Gollán, assured that the application will not be mandatory.

A right or an obligation?

Argentine law 22.909 establishes that vaccines are free and compulsory for all people. This means that it is a public policy that prioritizes both social impact and individual benefit. And they are free because the State is responsible for ensuring their access throughout the country.

In addition to this, in January 2019 Law 27,491 on Control of Preventable Diseases by vaccination was enacted, in which the Covid-19. Which reaffirms the administration of doses against this virus as a State policy and they continue to be free and mandatory.

Vizzotti, indicated that priority will be given to health personnel, security agents, armed forces and firefighters. Also, over 60 years and the people who have risk conditions. The Secretary of Access to Health, announced that the State is preparing a mass vaccination plan, but that it will not apply any biological that does not meet the health requirements.

Behind the vaccination controversy

The doctor geneticist Marcelo Martinez, made a statement to the digital newspaper Infobae which considers the following. As a representation of the gazebos of the nation; "It is a legal question to resolve the fact of to what extent an individual has to comply or not with impositions that go against their health."

He explained that the concept of virus is associated with the term contagiousness, and if something is contagious, the States have the endorsement for population control.

He also said that like other antidotes, doses of the Covid-19 may have setbacks that have not yet been detected. It revealed that the average time for the development of a vaccine it is between 2 and 20 years. So it seems unthinkable that the world's population is vaccinated with a compound about which so little is known.

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