Contemplating the sea has health benefits

If you see photos of some paradisiacal beaches and are dying to be there, you should think about taking it more seriously. Even more: the coastal city closest to your home may be the best option for this vacation. You know why? They have shown that the sea has impressive health benefits.

The sound of the sea reduces stress

It is not necessary that you bathe in the sea to begin to appreciate its benefits. Just hearing the sound of seawater is already an infallible remedy against stress. And do you know why? It has been shown that this particular sound unconsciously reminds us of the mother's womb, and that is why it makes us feel safe and calm.

The sea breeze purifies the lungs

For this it is not necessary to be in the water either. The sea breeze itself has purifying effects on the lungs and is even considered to help reduce asthma symptoms. This has several explanations. On the one hand, it is because it is rich in salts and minerals. But also, because it is very pure.

Contemplating the sea calms the mind

Are you not impressed by the immensity of the sea? It is normal that this is so, because when we look at the sea we only see a giant extension of water, and that the mind translates as a symptom of tranquility: there is no danger in sight.

It seems simple, but that generates a true sense of calm, because our instinct tells us that we can relax. So blood cortisol levels drop and we can feel completely calm for a while.

Soft feet

Since you're on the beach, aren't you going to get your feet wet? Seawater, rich in salt, helps restore the skin's natural barrier in such a way that it maintains its hydration for longer. So, if you dip your feet in the water for a long time, you will notice how they get much softer.

Imagine what happens if you bathe in full body! Your skin will be radiant.

Sunny days are worth double

The truth is that almost all the benefits can calmly take advantage of a dark winter day. Just put on a coat! But most likely you will think about going to the beach on a sunny day, which has a double effect.

On the one hand, because exposure to the sun releases endorphins, which will make you feel much better. Second, because it also helps the production of vitamin D, which is very good for your health.

Mind you: always with protection!

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Have you wanted to visit the sea? What is your favorite beach?

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