Consume this so that your eyelashes grow

Have you always wanted to have amazing eyelashes? If so, it is also likely that you have enough scattered information on how to achieve it.

A study published by The National Institute of Health, in the United States, notes that eyelash loss may be due to the lack of certain vitamins, which stimulate hair growth in general.

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The size of the eyelashes is usually determined by genetics, but there are certain treatments and habits that can favor their growth.

If you take these vitamins and follow these tips, your eyelashes will grow in less time than you think.


It is one of the vitamins that work best for hair growth. It is also known as vitamin H.

Biotin is essential for keratin infrastructure, which is a protein found in hair, skin and nails. Thus, not only will it help your hair and eyelashes grow, but it will also make you look smooth and strong nails.

You can consume it in the following foods:

– Yolk
– Beer yeast
– Nuts, such as almonds and nuts
– Soy

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> It is known that calcium is excellent for strengthening bones and joints, but it is also an essential component for hair growth.

If you want to consume it naturally, these are some foods that contain it:

– Milk
– Cheese
– Yogurt
– Fish
– Kale or kale
– Chickpeas
– Almonds

Vitamin C

This type of vitamin not only strengthens the immune system and prevents one from getting sick, but it is also very effective for hair and skin.

It contains a strong amount of antioxidants that fight hair loss, so it will prevent your eyelashes from falling out and stimulate their growth.

You can consume it in the following foods:

– Lemon
– orange
– Grapefruit
– Guava
– Pineapple

Vitamin B3 and B7

These vitamins favor hair growth, but also help it stay healthy, and shiny. They also avoid brittle hair.

You can consume it in the following foods:

– Wheat
– Almonds and nuts
– Milk
– Fish
– Dry tomatoes

In addition to nourishing yourself with these vitamins, you can use this trick:

Apply castor oil or almond oil on your eyelashes before bedtime. You can do it with a mascara brush that you have previously used and is clean.

Now that you know these vitamins so that the eyelashes grow, take them and follow these tips. In a month you will notice the difference!

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