Constipation and abdominal pain: detect the causes, learn how to prevent it and discover how to treat it

Constipation has as many causes as there are remedies and the important thing is to know how to detect it so that you can then take action. You not only need fiber to go to the bathroom because this constipation operation has multiple edges. In general, both constipation and abdominal pain are prevented or treated with a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.

Symptoms of constipation and abdominal pain

Common symptoms of constipation can include having fewer than three bowel movements within a week, hard stools, inability to completely empty your intestines, and general difficulties in belly rolling. Symptoms of abdominal pain when related to constipation, which is most of the time, can include bloating, poor appetite, and stomach pain widespread. Constipation with abdominal pain is very common. In most cases, it is caused by the accumulation of gas in the abdomen or by the need to defecate.

The causes of poor digestive health

The causes of abdominal pain and constipation are varied. The first is an inappropriate lifestyle. For instance, not eating enough fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits or cereals. He too stress, not drinking enough water, lack of exercise or certain types of medications and supplements with iron and calcium, diuretics, antacids and more.

How to treat constipation and abdominal pain

Treatment for abdominal pain and constipation varies depending on the cause. Most crash measures cover Changes in lifestyle or in the diet. In some chronic cases, the only option may be to surgery to remove blockages, tears, or conditions that other treatments cannot fix.

Bet on new routines

By now, you will have realized how important diet is for good digestive health and preventing both constipation and abdominal pain. And the first thing is incorporate high-fiber foods in your diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and generally anything that contains fiber. And bet on him Water as an essential drink to improve your hydration.

The exercise It should be the next pillar of your new life. If you have led a sedentary life, take action and get active. Walk it can be a big step. With 50 minutes daily, you will notice incredible progress not only in digestive matters, but for health in general. From there, set more ambitious goals for yourself.

And another important thing: act sensibly. Don’t put off a bowel movement or force it. Go to the bathroom as soon as possible when you feel the need and take everything with some peace of mind. And if you need it, help yourself laxatives, fiber supplements, enemas, suppositories, etc. But always under expert opinion.

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