Common mistakes we make when ironing

When you do not wet the clothes, use distilled water or regulate the temperature, you make the task of ironing more difficult. We show you the mistakes you should avoid so as not to damage your clothes or the appliance.

Last update: August 27, 2021

Despite your attempts to buy clothes that do not require the use of the iron, it is impossible to avoid this task altogether. Your lack of practice may cause you to make the most common ironing mistakes over and over again.

Light and airy fabrics such as linen and silk, ideal for use in summer, must be ironed if you do not want to give the image of a careless person. We tell you more about it.

9 mistakes you may be making when ironing

For some it is tedious work, while others seem to enjoy it. Perhaps this is because the last have discovered a way not to repeat the habits that prevent you from achieving wrinkle-free clothing. Find out what they are.

1. You save delicate clothes for last

If you are one of those who does not enjoy ironing, it is likely that you will leave delicate clothes for last because it requires special care. However, this will not only waste more time, it will also increase your hatred for this task.

To avoid damaging your delicate garments with high temperatures, the recommendation is that you do them first. Iron these clothes while the appliance is still heating.

2. Don't wet your clothes

When clothes are too dry, no matter how many times you iron, the wrinkles will remain. In addition, this can affect the fabrics of your clothes and increase the likelihood that you will burn them.

In that sense, if the clothes are dry, try to moisten it with the steamer of the iron. If you don't have one, you can also use a spray of water.

Ironing clothes is not a task that everyone likes. This leads to frequent mistakes.

3. You don't use distilled water

As we said, moistening the clothes before ironing is essential to eliminate wrinkles. However, not all types of water are good for this task. An example of this is hard water.

For this reason, if you are going to use tap water, make sure it is not hard. If it is, you will have to buy distilled water, which, as it is free of impurities and minerals, protects the iron and reduces the work time in half.

4. You forget to regulate the temperature

One of the most common mistakes when ironing is setting the appliance to its maximum temperature. But this, instead of speeding up the task, can ruin your clothes.

Note that not all types of fabric respond in the same way to high temperatures. So there will be some garments that you will need to iron on the lowest setting.

5. Do not turn the clothes

If you have items with delicate prints in your wardrobe, you will want to turn them over before ironing. Otherwise, you will have part of the design on the iron and you don't want this!

To avoid a disaster, you better get used to ironing all your clothes from the inside out. Take into account that this also keeps the original color of the fabric for longer.

6. You don't clean the iron

You are probably wondering why you need to clean the iron if the clothes are clean. Believe it or not, it does get dirty. You should try to pass a damp cotton cloth when the iron is at room temperature, before and after use.

7. You iron all your clothes at the same time

Perhaps one of the reasons you hate ironing so much is that you let a mountain of clothes accumulate that you have to spend several hours on. This can be counterproductive for both the iron and the clothes, since the appliance ends up overheating. Thus, the recommendation is that you divide the ironing into several shifts.

8. You misuse starch

Starch is beneficial when ironing. There are those who claim that it can improve the appearance of tissues, by maintaining its color, texture and smoothness for longer, as well as eliminating wrinkles and stains.

However, if it is not used correctly it can have the opposite effect. Be careful not to overdo it when spraying this product and wait for it to penetrate the fabric before starting to iron.

9. You do not empty the tank of the iron

If you iron and do not empty the water tank you can ruin the appliance. Over time, water can affect systems and parts. Likewise, standing water tends to stain clothes when you use it to moisten.

Controlling ironing errors improves the useful life of the appliance.

Learn to iron without making mistakes

Ironing can be a bearable task that you even end up enjoying. The difference is in making the fewest mistakes. Therefore, when you are about to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes, try to clean the iron, turn and moisten the clothes.

Also, remember to set the temperature, use distilled water and empty the device's tank. If you don't, you could end up staining your clothes on the next ironing.