Cohousing: an option to live with friends

Cohousing is one of the best alternatives to overcome loneliness and feel supported. In this article we will tell you what it is about and why it is so beneficial!

Last update: November 11, 2021

Friends are fundamental in people’s lives, because provide unconditional support and make them feel important. In addition, they encourage others to meet objectives and overcome difficulties.

As the years go by, it is possible that people become estranged from some acquaintances. Nevertheless, good friends always remain and are ready to help when needed most.

In many cases, older adults are left without a housemate because their children decide to build their family. Nevertheless, it is possible to take refuge in lifelong friends because they are always interested in listening.

Because of this, an alternative known as cohousing emerged so that older adults are not affected by loneliness. In this exercise what happens is that the two friends who do not have an additional company can go live together to accompany each other at all times.

For this reason, large houses have been built in large cities in which adults can go and live with their lifelong accomplices. In addition to this, Those in charge of promoting this option also collaborate by proposing social activities and facilitating medical care.

This proposal is so innovative that over time entire blocks have been created in which cohousing is practiced. Because of that, It is also possible that people choose to live individually, but have all their neighbor friends.

The advantages of cohousing

The most positive aspect of cohousing is that people can live together with people who have the same tastes and interests. For that reason, day by day they feel full of life because they find the best ways to have fun.

Also, at the expense level, a great relief is generated. Then, Between the friends it is possible to divide the obligations in equal parts and to make the monthly money yield better.

With this alternative, the person can feel supported at all times. Then, he knows that he has a friend by his side with whom he can express himself with confidence and find the best advice.

In this way, compared to nursing homes, adults avoid shyness and express everything they feel. Because of that, they protect their emotional well-being because they do not hide any secrets that constantly consume their energy.

Apart from this, the person is going to live with a person they have known for many years. Because of that, is clear about the behaviors of the other and it is easier for them to take care of the coexistence.

To consider

Cohousing is an option that allows seniors to live in a healthy way. This since they ensure a company that is aware of them and does not leave them alone at any time.

As an additional factor, people can stay active because they find an ideal partner to share experiences. Thus, they manage to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and take care of their physical health.

For all these reasons, today this strategy is being widely used in countries like the United States. In addition, experts say that in about 40 years it will be one of the most popular ways of life.

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