Cloudy water in the aquarium: how to clean it?

Are you thinking of having an aquarium with different fish and plants? In this article we will teach you how to keep it in optimal condition.

Last update: October 11, 2021

Fish are very beautiful animals and easy to care for when compared to other pets. However, it is necessary to guarantee adequate conditions to protect their life and give them an environment conducive to their development. Proper cleaning to avoid cloudy water in the aquarium is essential.

Cloudy aquarium water can be caused by different reasons. Filters are used in fish tanks to keep the water clean, however, they tend to get damaged. As a result, fish waste, food debris and bacteria accumulate. As a result, you have cloudy water, with a bad smell and full of impurities.

According to the text Principles of aquarism. A basic guide, fish should not be introduced into the aquarium until the water has been fully cycled. That is, the aquarium must achieve a balance of bacteria that help process compounds dangerous to fish, such as nitrites and ammonia.

In addition, afterwards, it is necessary to guarantee that this balance lasts over time. This is achieved with a correct cleaning of the water, adequate temperature and maintenance.

Recommendations for cleaning the aquarium

Aquarium maintenance is a very time-consuming task, but you must incorporate it into the routine of your home to guarantee the health of the fish. Within the daily functions it is necessary to feed the fish, turn the lights on and off if they are available and control the water temperature.

On the other hand, approximately once a week it will be necessary to do more in-depth maintenance. It is necessary to clean the glasses, fix the plants, wash or replace the substrate, purify the water and clean the filter. Also, check the pH and composition.

Aquarium cleaning demands that you set aside one day a week for in-depth maintenance.

Control the aquarium light

When the cloudy water in the aquarium is green, usually occurs due to excess algae growth. So that this does not happen, it is essential that the aquarium does not have too much light. In this regard, it is convenient that it does not receive direct sun for many hours.

Change a percentage of the water

Replacing 20% ​​to 30% of the water once a week is key to guarantee a correct balance in the aquarium. It should be replaced by filtered and settled water, which has also been treated to avoid having chlorine or other types of toxic substances.

Making a change in the water does not mean that this liquid should be wasted. According to the Electronic Journal of Veterinary Medicine REDVET, the water that is changed in the aquariums can be used to water the plants in the gardens, since the fish feces have components that function as fertilizer.

However, it is also recommended that the water change is not 100%, but one third of the total. Otherwise, the fish would need to be moved and this could lead to stress.

Cleans artificial components and crystals

You must remove the decorations and artificial plants to clean them. You can use a brush and a little bleach to remove excess dirt. On the other hand, it is very important to clean the glasses of the fish tank so that it does not look sloppy and serves as a decorative object.

For this, you can use an algae or natural fiber sponge. Also, there are magnet or specialized aquarium cleaners that you can find at pet stores. In vets it is also possible to buy plecostomus, a type of peace known for eating algae.

Buy specialized water products

So that the aquarium water is kept in optimal conditions there are specialized products that guarantee a balance of the components. One of the most important to use are those that remove chlorine and metals that are often found in tap water.

Use a gravel cleaner

Gravel cleaners, also known as siphons, are some small tubes that are inserted into the aquarium and help eliminate waste that accumulate in the background. They work like vacuum cleaners.

Perform frequent filter maintenance

Aquarium filters must be kept in perfect condition to prevent the water from becoming cloudy. So that the filter is in good condition it is necessary to open it, remove the pads and wash them. If they are already very worn, they should be replaced.

Some species of fish are capable of cleaning the aquarium due to their natural functions.

Take care of other aquarium conditions

As we have already pointed out, to avoid cloudy water in the aquarium maintenance is necessary and frequent replacement of the same, as well as cleaning the objects, the gravel and the filter. However, there are other factors that can affect water quality.

Among these, it is important to ensure that there is an adequate population of fish and algae for the size of the aquarium. Otherwise, more waste will be produced than the aquarium can hold. On the other hand, the quality of the food that is given to the fish is also key to prevent the water from becoming excessively contaminated.

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