Clothes steamer: what are its advantages?

The benefits of a garment steamer range from no burning on garments to no problems with delicate fabrics. Discover other benefits of this tool.

Last update: June 12, 2022

The garment steamer is a modern ironing tool which brings many advantages, in contrast to its counterpart, the traditional iron. Especially for those who like practicality, but don’t like being wrinkled by life. That is why it is important to explore the different options that the market presents us.

Wearing your favorite clothes to impress is one of the things we like the most. You must take into account the type of fabric that most abounds in your closet and acquire the appropriate steamer for them. Or maybe if you have the budget to buy a high-end vaporizer, you could enjoy its cutting-edge goodness.

The biggest advantages of having a garment steamer

Leaving the iron on a garment can burn the fabric; this is one of its main drawbacks and something that does not happen with a garment steamer, being one of its most significant advantages. We list other benefits of this tool.

1. You will no longer burn your clothes

Damaging your clothes by removing wrinkles will no longer be a risk. This happened a lot with the typical iron. In contrast, steamers do not need to come into contact with fabric to do their job.

Therefore, you avoid ruining the garment due to a burn. Thus, this tool of the modern world has an automatic shutdown button that prevents the device from overheating when the water tank is empty.

The traditional iron is capable of burning clothes in carelessness.

2. Delicate clothes will be safe

Similarly, removing wrinkles on delicate fabrics, such as lace, silk, chiffon and satin, for example, does not present any problem. Thanks to the fact that you do not need to press the fabric, these will not be compromised in their structure or in their tones.

With the iron, on the other hand, you will need to know how to adjust the correct temperature for each type of fabric. Otherwise, everything will end in disaster and frustration. A challenge that is bearable with the clothes steamer, due to its technology capable of regulating the intensity of the steam in a simple way.

3. The reliefs will not be a problem

Cotton, silk, polyester, printed fabrics or rhinestones, even if they have more elaborate designs, are options that the fabric steamer can handle. Thus the things, the buttons and the zippers that turn out to be a nuisance when ironing, will no longer be an inconvenience to leave the perfect garment.

If you have curtains at home and you want to iron them, with the steamer you won’t have to lower them. You just have to climb a ladder and pass the steam jet near the surface. This will be enough to penetrate the fibers and leave the fabric wrinkle-free.

4. You will reduce ironing time

The steam that emanates from this type of device turns out to be more efficient than the mechanism of typical irons. Being able to iron vertically, clothes wrinkles come out faster on both sidessince you don’t need to squeeze.

So, if it takes you 20 minutes to perfect a shirt, rest assured that with a garment steamer the time will be less. And if we add to this that there are steamers with accessories, such as a brush for heavy fabrics and another for delicate fibers, these elements guarantee impeccable work.

5. You will eliminate odors

Garment steamers are ideal for removing bad odors from if your house is humid or the garment has been stored for a long time, use the steamer.

This will not only eliminate unpleasant odours, but the high temperature steam will also be effective against viruses and bacteria. Ideal for those garments that cannot be washed frequently.

Clothes with a bad smell due to humidity can be recovered with the steamer.

6. You will say goodbye to the ironing board

If you live in a cozy flat, we know that it is tedious to fold the ironing board. On the other hand, the position you must take to execute the task is not comfortable at all.

If you are going to use the garment steamer, you just have to put the garment at a suitable height and use your tool. It only takes about 60 seconds to heat up.

The garment steamer is an ideal tool to combat wrinkles

Although we have already described several of its advantages, the decision to purchase a garment steamer will depend on your needs and what makes you more comfortable.

There is a great variety on the market; made of different materials. And of course, at different prices. Before buying, find out which one suits you best.

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