Citronella essential oil is the solution to (almost) all your problems

It should definitely be on the list of essential oils that everyone should have at home because it is an off-road product. Citronella essential oil has been the subject of various studies and, both traditional science and aromatherapy experts agree on its extraordinary properties They range from helping to lose weight to promoting wound healing. Take note of everything citronella essential oil can do for you.

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A versatile and unique oil

It has an intense and similar aroma to lemongrass or lemongrass. That lemonade fragrance of citronella or Cymbopogon nardus is very distinctive and is used for much more than just an effective insect repellent. Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, digestive, diuretic properties are attributed to it … reason why it is used as a natural remedy for many ailments, as a balm or as a preventive.

A study published in the scientific journal Current Drug Discovery Technologies collects the therapeutic potential that has been observed studying citronella oil. An analysis that goes beyond its highly effective and low toxicity mosquito repellent action highlighting its antioxidant, healing and antimicrobial properties.

Yolanda Romero (@yolanda_living) trained in quantum aromatherapy explains that "citronella oil is an oil traditionally used as an insect repellent, always taking care if we apply it to the skin because it is a photosensitive oil that can leave stains if that area is exposed to the sun. The ideal is apply it in areas not visible to the sun or on clothes or even on hair when we use it as a mosquito repellent" This is a fact that you should take into account if you do not want, in an attempt to avoid annoying bites, you end up with unwanted spots on the skin. Citronella oil will not only serve to scare away the happy mosquitoes in summer, you will also be able to give it many more uses, some of them surprising.

Uses of citronella essential oil

Did you know that citronella essential oil has a proven antifungal activity? Research published in the scientific journal Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology concluded that this oil It has the ability to weaken, or even eliminate, some fungi that cause health problems in the human body, such as respiratory infections, reason why it is considered a natural fungicide. It has even been observed that it can be useful to combat the candida fungus. Its effect on wounds has also been studied and it has been concluded that it accelerates the healing of skin wounds even in those that have difficulties in healing.

Citronella essential oil is also used as an eco-friendly air purifier. Yolanda Romero explains that "citronella essential oil has a refreshing, mild citrus scent that revitalizes and lifts your spirits. In addition, helps purify the environment by cleaning our home of odors and germs. Its inhalation helps to make the negative thoughts disappear, calming our body and our mind ”. As you can see, it will not only help you keep your house clean and perfumed, it will also bring harmony and serenity to your life. "It can also be used to purify and perfume specific areas of the house by putting a few drops of essential oil on cotton, such as inside wardrobes, in the garbage area, on shoes … in short anywhere you want to keep germ-free and scentedRomero continues. We recommend you put a few drops in your oil diffuser or humidifier to keep the rooms purified, remove stress and get a delicious lemon scent in a single gesture.

Digestive properties are attributed to it and, in this regard, the aromatherapy expert Yolanda Romero explains that “it facilitates digestion dilute a couple drops of essential oil to citronella in a tablespoon of vegetable oil and apply the mixture by lightly massaging the abdomen" This is a trick that we have signed up to put into practice in the face of a large meal or poor digestion as an alternative to antacids, they say it is the hand of the saint!

Citronella oil can also be a perfect beauty ally in your toiletry bag as it is an effective natural deodorant "we can add a few drops to our moisturizer and use deodorant or make a 50-50 mixture of vegetable oil and citronella essential oil to use it as a deodorant. Before using it on the skin we must put a small drop of essential oil on the inside of the forearm and leave it for a few minutes to check that you are neither allergic nor have any type of skin reaction ”recommends Yolanda Romero. It is also used in skin care to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and oily skin. A true off-road product!

What if we tell you that it will also help you lose weight? So that's it. A study published in the journal Nutrients concluded that inhaling citronella essential oil. had the power to calm anxiety, a natural de-stressor that prevents emotional hunger and therefore weight gain in that regard. They are all advantages.

If you do not have citronella essential oil in your oil kit yet, you are taking time because it is a basic that will make your life much easier, It not only keeps insects away, it brings harmony, purifies and perfumes your home, improves your digestion and even helps you lose those extra pounds. by calming food anxiety, does anyone give more?

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