Christmas cactus: everything you need to know for its care

Of great beauty, the Christmas cactus is a plant that does not require much care, but it can do wonders for your decoration.

Last update: December 05, 2021

In the holiday season, a popular plant blooms. The Christmas cactus is a good option to decorate the home, but there are some things you need to know for its care. Do not be alarmed, despite how exotic it seems, it is low maintenance.

The most striking thing about this plant are its showy and beautiful flowers, which have made it worthy of the name “feathers of Santa Teresita”, by which it is also known. Another plus is that it spreads easily and, in fact, it could become a good option to give at parties. What should you know for its care?

What is the Christmas cactus like?

The Christmas cactus It has pink flowers that contain a layer of petals and pistils in fuchsia tones. However, you can also find them with red or white flowers. A true beauty.

Its stems are formed by arrow-shaped petals. When they open, they give the appearance of a bell and stamens in the middle. Then the stems tend to sag a bit, which gives it a romantic look.

In general, the Christmas cactus is a plant that requires little care.

3 cares for the Christmas cactus that you should know

Are you one of the people that everything under your care perishes? No problem, the Christmas cactus is very likely to survive your carelessness. Find out what you need.

1. How much light does the Christmas cactus need?

The winter cactus is a plant that can adapt to indoor and outdoor environments, you just have to take care of the light conditions. If the cactus is in an interior room, opt for it to be a lighted area, such as near the window. Anyway, you must take care that it does not get direct sun.

Now, if you decide to place it on a terrace or other outdoor environment, a corner in the shade is the right thing to do. Too much sun can ruin it completely, by inhibiting its flowering and development.

2. How much watering does the winter cactus need?

No excess water. Irrigation should be moderate within the care of the Santa Teresita cactus. Pay attention; in the autumn and winter months water once a week, while in spring and summer you should do it every 5 days.

The way you water the plant is also important. So things, Pour water into the pot plate, put it underneath, and let the cactus absorb it. On that day when it comes to watering, take it outside, in the shade, to enjoy the warmth of the day.

3. Watch the temperature

Although it blooms during the winter, the Christmas cactus is native to the tropics. Therefore, its ideal temperature ranges between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. This plant can withstand cold climates, but protect them from air currents, as these are very damaging to it.

How to propagate the Christmas cactus?

Propagating the Christmas cactus is very simple. Cut a short y-shaped segment from the stem tips. Do it the right way; To do this, be sure to take the cuttings from the foliage of a healthy plant. Next, plant the segment in a pot with sandy soil, 1/4 of the length of the container.

Dampen it neatly and place the pot in an area with plenty of light, but not direct light. Do you want to root the cuttings? Cut the buds from the tips at the second node of each pint. Let them dry for two days and wait for them to close. Otherwise, they will not survive.

Later, plant it in that same pot. This should show signs of growth within a few weeks, at which point you can transfer it to a separate pot. Make sure it contains loose soil, compost and sand.

The Christmas cactus withstands low temperatures; Despite this, it requires abundant light.

Christmas cactus, the plant that blooms in the Christmas season

Few plants bloom at Christmas time; Because of this, the Christmas cactus is quite peculiar. One of the secrets to keeping your flower in bloom longer is to place the cactus indoors, since the rain could ruin its petals.

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