Chinese balls: when and why to use them

More and more women are aware of the importance of taking care of our pelvic floor. It is true that many come to consultation to perform an assessment not only in postpartum period, but also at any time in which they detect a dysfunction: incontinence, prolapse, weakness of the muscles, pain in sexual relations and a long etc.

And it is also true that Every time we have more utensils that help us maintain the health of the pelvic floor. The Chinese balls are a clear example of this. Several commercial houses have released different balls with different shapes and weights, and even the cinema echoes the benefits of these devices in the sexuality of women.

However, as with self-medication, The self-prescription of Chinese balls is not always the solution to the pelvic floor problems of all women. In fact it can even be counterproductive and, depending on the cases, it could be contraindicated.

That's why we always recommend that before using indiscriminately a Chinese ball, we go to a health professional, either a midwife or a specialized physiotherapist, who evaluates the tone and strength of our pelvic floor, and in the case of a pathology, which tells us what would be the most appropriate therapy for our specific case.

In this article let's talk about the benefits, how to use and contraindications of Chinese balls, but first, let's see what they consist of: it is a device formed by one or two balls (if this is the case they are joined by a cord) that lodge in their interior another smaller ball that produces a vibration in the pelvic floor when the woman moves or walks.

How do they work:

The mechanism of action of the Chinese ball is the following: when introducing the Chinese ball into the vagina the pelvic floor must perform a contraction of its involuntary muscles so that it does not fall. Also, when the woman moves, The small pellet produces a vibration that increases vascularity in the area, lubrication and muscle tone in general.

For the Chinese ball to fulfill its function it is essential that the woman is in movement, that is to say, it is useless to put them on and lie on the sofa, in bed or sitting watching a movie.

The use of the Chinese ball will work muscle tone, that is, the basal state of the pelvic floor musculature, which should not be confused with force, which would be the voluntary contraction of the pelvic floor and could be done by performing Kegel exercises.

So, If you want to work the tone and strength, you can place the Chinese balls and, while you move, perform voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor. In this way you will be doing a global work of the pelvic floor musculature.

Benefits of regular and continuous use:

  • Improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles and, combined with Kegel exercises, can improve strength.
  • Increase the lubrication of the vagina
  • Improve the vascularization of the genital area.

However, we must separate them from sexual games as such. We can say that it is a myth fed in large part by certain films of cinema, in which women can get to have orgasms simply by putting on Chinese balls. And it is a myth because where these devices are usually housed is an area of ​​the vagina that has practically no nerve endings and, therefore, does not generate any pleasure for women.

Anyway, the use of Chinese balls can and does improve the sexual experience of women, since when the pelvic floor has a normal tone and is endowed with strength, the orgasms sensed and experienced by women are more intense and longer in time. It has also been seen that favors lubrication, which is very favorable at the time of the climax.

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In addition to the mentioned, its use would be indicated for different pelvic floor dysfunctions, but as we have said, it would be advisable that the guideline be marked by an expert health professional. We present some of its main uses and benefits:

  • Fight urinary incontinence.
  • Prevent chronic constipation
  • As pelvic floor training before or after surgery of the female genital tract.
  • They are recommended for any woman who wants to prevent prolapses, incontinence or other alterations.
  • They are recommended for women who practice impact sports such as CrossFit or the running. Together with hypopressive gymnastics, they serve to keep the area well toned and prevent prolapse.

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When not to use Chinese balls:

As we have already anticipated, in certain situations the use of Chinese balls is not recommended or may even be contraindicated. Let's see in which:

  • Pregnancy: During the gestational period we do not recommend the use of Chinese balls. However, if your gynecologist determines that you could benefit from them, it is important that you follow the hygienic recommendations.
  • Prolapses: In the case that you are diagnosed or suspect that you have a prolapse, Chinese balls are not the best complement for you; However, if the specialized health professional recommends them for a home work of the strength or tone of the pelvic floor musculature combined with rehabilitation in consultation, they could be an option.
  • Menstruation.
  • Postpartum: until after the quarantine, that is, six weeks postpartum or until we stop bleeding completely, we should not introduce any object in the vagina, be it Chinese ball, tampon, menstrual cup or douching. Once that time has passed, according to the postpartum assessment, you could start using them.
  • Vaginal infection
  • Vaginismus
  • Discomfort or pain during use.
  • Not being able to wear them, and that they are falling continuously.

Remember, all the indications we give you must be supported by your trusted healthcare professional. He will be the one who will inform you better about the needs of your body at all times.