China seeks answers to the mysterious disease that Wuhan has in check

Ran the December 12, 2019 when a young man was admitted to the hospital in strange circumstances. It happened in Wuhan (China), when this man with high fever and severe breathing problems He arrived at the health center to be treated. Doctors soon discovered that the symptoms corresponded to those of a viral pneumonia, although they were baffled by the origin of the case. Now, more than 200 people They suffer from this strange disease.

Chinese medical authorities continue baffled before the situation that is taking place in Wuhan. In just under a month, 59 people have been admitted to hospital centers of the city afflicted by the same virus that, at the moment, is completely strange for specialists. Seven of them are in a very serious state, while another 163 people have slight symptoms that make them be under medical observation.

In fact, the virus has already reached neighboring Hong Kong, where medical services have already diagnosed eight cases of the same disease, activating the protocols of "serious response" because, in all cases, these are people who have been in Wuhan in the last month. The 67 patients – in China and Hong Kong – suffer from pneumonia or severe infections of the respiratory tract, experiencing fever and respiratory difficulties but without knowing the source of the disease.

At first, the medical authorities considered that it could be a new case of SRAG (severe acute respiratory syndrome), a disease that also began in China in 2002 and caused the 700 people died all over the world. After ruling it out, they evaluated other options such as bird flu, adenovirus, influenza or even MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), but in none of the cases did it fit the strain.

To try to know the origin of this disease, doctors conducted an epidemiological survey among patients, finding a single coincidence: a good part of patients suffering from this virus they had been to the Wuhan South China Seafood City (a wholesale seafood market). The question is whether those who did not visit the area became ill from transmission between humans, from animal to human or for other unknown reasons.

"Experts say the city is currently in the season of high incidence of infectious diseases. Therefore, citizens should avoid closed and airless public places, as well as crowded places, looking for situations that favor air circulation indoors. In addition, masks should be worn when necessary. If you have a fever or respiratory infection symptoms, go to a medical institution on time, "Wuhan said in a statement.

As explained by the World Health Organization (WHO) through a statement, the strong link that exists between people who have fallen ill and the Wuhan seafood market suggests that the disease is caused by a virus that spreads between animals and humans. Or, what is the same, it could be a zoonotic disease that, at the moment, is not known. The medical authorities continue to investigate to solve this strange virus.