Chi Kung: sounds for physical and emotional healing

Meditation is a practice capable of helping people to lead a better life, developing spiritually while maintaining physical health. Such is the case of one of the qigong (or Chi Kung) exercises called Liu Zi Jue, practices that help prevent disease and maintain physical and emotional health. This training fuses physical movements with healing sounds, and we will talk more about them.

The discovery of healing sounds dates back many centuries ago, when the sages of ancient Asia wondered if sounds could be used for the evolution and improvement of the human being. These sages believed that sound was as important as air, so they adapted their exercises to the use of vibrations. The finding was that these sounds did indeed heal.

How do they work?

Vibrations have a quality, which is resonance. In Taoism, resonance is believed to be a form of communion with Mother Earth. According to the Wu Wei principle, we are all energy that constantly resonates with all the energy in the universe.

The principles of Chi Kung were developed by Doctor Sun Zi Miao. This doctor empirically created six sounds that have healing qualities. Based on the fact that resonance has therapeutic effects on the human body.

According to Sun Zi Miao studies, vibration is energy, and it can be used to alter or balance the energy of the bodies. Within the Chi Kung two parameters are followed, these are of frequency and intensity.

The frequency is equivalent to the tone C, within the musical scale, used to radiate tranquility. The volume or intensity of the sounds is soft, but it can act on a person from at least a meter away, and this subject will not feel weak or limp.

There are six sounds within Chi Kung, and these act on different parts of the body. In organs, to be specific. Each sound is different, following the parameters, but with different functions, which seek to heal both physical and spiritual areas.

How to make sounds?

We already mentioned that Chi kung sounds are fused with exercises, and that the union of these is called Liu Zi Jue, then we will teach you how to practice for different body parts:

Whole body

It is necessary to do it lying down. The mouth should be opened, exhale deeply and slowly and pronounce a "Chi" or "Hi".


You must make the sound "chu", "hu" or "xu", this supporting the tongue to the palate, and exhaling slowly and long. It helps to eliminate rage, anger, aggressiveness and anger.


Make the "ha" or "ha" sound, lengthening the "a" and pronouncing it as an "o", placing the tip of the tongue behind the lower teeth. Eliminate pride, pride, hatred, impatience and haste.


You have to form an "O" with your lips and blow, pronouncing a "Ho" or "Jo", helping to eliminate fears and insecurities.


Close the mouth, put the tongue behind the closed teeth and pronounce an "S", it is important to lengthen the sound, eliminate sadness.


To eliminate the worry, you must make the GUU sound, lengthening the "u" and placing the tongue on the palate.

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