Check your visual skills: find the different word in less than 7 seconds

This challenge tests your mental and visual agility. Are you ready to solve it? Let’s do it!

Last update: September 16, 2022

Visual skills allow people to appreciate even the smallest details and spot new opportunities. Likewise, improve your concentration levels.

It is essential to train them to strengthen them. Therefore, multiple tests have been created to achieve this goal.

In this article we bring you one of them so you can test yourself and know what level you are at. Do you dare to do it? Ahead!

The proof

In today’s challenge we will show you a series of images that have a hidden word. The intention is that you can discover it without exceeding 7 seconds.

However, you have to know that your attention has to be full. Only a small group of people have managed to finish the test with a 100% success rate. Could it be that you can join them? Start the stopwatch and let’s get started.

1. Finding the different

Although at first glance it seems that the same word is written in the entire following image, in reality it is not. Where is the one that is not the same?

Yes that’s how it is! It is the one at the beginning of line number 10. Here we highlight it so you can see it clearly.

2. Analyzing the change

A foreign letter leaked into the graphic piece that we are going to present to you next and it is changing the whole meaning. Look closely and see what it is.

You got it? Correct! It is the letter C, which is changing the word SOLAR for COLAR.

3. Are they really all the same?

One of these words underwent a minimal change that has been imperceptible to many. Could it be that you are the one to warn him?

Do you already have the correct answer in mind? Soon we will show you the image that allows you to know if you really hit it.

4. The subtle change

At this level, one word is interrupting the entire sequence. Can you reveal it in the indicated time?

Bingo! It’s the one at the end of row 9 and you deserve a sincere congratulations if you found it.

5. The different word

A minimum detail is the great culprit that in this graphic piece there is not a single word. Could it be that you can see it?

Do you already know what it is? Check this out so you know whether you found out or not.

6. Where is the alteration?

Some letters sought to damage the uniformity of the following image and they succeeded. However, you are in time to unmask them.

could you Very well! The intruders are at the end of line number 7. Look.

7. Looking for the bug

The person in charge of writing about this graphic piece had a small mistake and, therefore, needs your help to solve it. Can you point out where he went wrong?

Exact! The problem is in the second word of row 3because AFINCO was written and not AHÍNCO.

8. The word that is causing a significant change

One letter wanted to have more prominence than the others and got in the way when they were writing one of the words. What was the alteration that caused?

Of course! Made it to the end of the second row be written BENEFECENCIA and not BENEFICENCIA.

9. The level of the 2 changes

In this case, 2 words are the ones that are preventing the sequence from continuing. Analyze the image carefully and manage to indicate what they are.

Correct! They are the words TRIS and TRAS. Here we highlight them so you can see it more clearly.

10. The word to expose

One word is so close to the original, he thought it might leak into this meeting without anyone knowing. However, your mission is to damage their plans.

could you Exact! If you noticed the word SLEEPY we have to tell you that you were right and that you are at a great level.

11. Which word is the one that wants to confuse you?

Thinking of finishing his work faster, an individual got confused for a few seconds and made a change that could not be presented. Which was?

Perfect! There was a change in the order of the letters and the word PARDO was given rise.

We have reached the end of the test. What were your results? Let us know and challenge everyone you know!

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