Cheap and effective tricks to wash white bedding: how often should it be washed so that it is the same as the first day

The White sheets They are undoubtedly the best option when you want to achieve a classic and very refined bedroom, the best trick to learn how to decorate a bedroom. In addition to being extremely elegant, they allow you to decorate the rest of the room with a wide variety of accessories, since they combine with everything. However, textiles, in general, tend to yellow over time. White sheets, in particular, do it faster. Thus, it is vital to know the tricks to avoid it and ensure that the white sheets remain the same as the first day.

One of the biggest challenges in cleaning matters is undoubtedly keep white sheets white. It is not an easy task and not just any trick will do. It is very important to know those that are really effective because a small mistake has no solution. Back to the store to buy new and cheap ones, they are not usually if you want them with a minimum of quality. The discounted bedding It is becoming more and more of a challenge to find.

Getting white sheets to maintain their initial tone over time is a cleaning challenge. / SKLUM

How often do you have to clean the white sheets?

Every day bacteria, mites and fungi accumulate in the white sheets and they can end up causing health problems if they are not changed in the required times. A place where we spend many hours of the day, although it may not seem like it. Thus, following the tricks to do the best cleaning in the bedroom is very important.

The most common and recommended is to change them weekly, and if it is not possible, at most after two weeks. The reason? It turns out that when we sleep our body releases dead cellsthe food of mites, so their accumulation can end up being a health problem.

It is also important to know that remove make-up and cleanse face it is a basic requirement that we should all do before going to sleep. Forbidden not to remove make-up! Its remains can end up generating fungi that will be deposited on the sheets and cause skin irritation. Nothing recommended. Change the sheets weekly It is a good trick to prevent all this from happening.

Consciously removing make-up before going to sleep is very important to avoid the appearance of fungi. / @MARIAFRUBIES

Goodbye to yellow stains with hydrogen peroxide

One of the most effective tricks to remove stains and prevent white sheets from turning yellow is the peroxide. An excellent whitener and easy to use. The trick is to pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the detergent space of the washing machine and that’s it.

Lemon also works to clean white sheets

What if I don’t have hydrogen peroxide? There is an equally effective substitute, the lemon juice. Thus, squeeze two lemons and add a liter of very hot water and stir. Once ready, you just have to dip the sheets in the mixture and leave them for 30 minutes.

Lemon is a good solution to remove yellow stains from white sheets. /

Baking soda, another good option to clean sheets

Another very effective way to clean white sheets is with the sodium bicarbonate. An easy trick to put into practice because it will only be necessary to pour a tablespoon of baking soda on the stains and rub it with a slice of lemon. After approximately four hours the yellow spots will recover their white.

Milk also works to keep the sheets white

The milk It has also been crowned one of the star products to clean sheets and restore their whiteness. It will only be necessary to have a large container and pour a large amount of liquid into it. Remove and put the sheets inside to let it rest for about two hours.

After this time, they should be dried and put in the washing machine with a cold water program. And that’s it, they will have recovered their white color and will be ready to decorate your bed again and enjoy it like never before.

Milk is another good ally to get rid of stains on the sheets. / PEXELS

Sleeping in a comfortable bed with crisp, soft white sheets is one of life’s greatest pleasures. They are crowned as the favorites to decorate any room, since symbolize cleanliness and calm. Don’t let them get damaged and turn yellow, with these simple explained tricks they will recover their whiteness in a matter of hours.