Characteristics and functions of a sports trainer

The sports coach is the one who guides the athletes, individually or in teams, to achieve their best possible performance. He knows its features and functions.

Last update: 04 March, 2022

For a long time, the work of the sports coach was not well known. Even in some sports it was questioned whether it was necessary for someone to fulfill that role.

However, with the passage of time the figure is increasingly relevant. Today it is considered essential to maximize the performance of athletes.

Qualities a sports coach should have

The coach is who guides athletes so they can achieve their full potential at the time of the competition. For this, he is responsible for the training programs that provide good physical, technical and strategic preparation.

In order for athletes to achieve their maximum performance, in addition to carrying out a work methodology focused on preparation, the coach must have a series of qualities. The relationship between the coach and the athlete can positively or negatively influence performance.

know the sport

It is essential that the sports coach knows in depth the sport in question. Learn about history, secrets, regulations, tactics and strategiesas well as being updated on the modifications or advances of the competition is key.

In most cases, the coaches were athletes, so they have the necessary experience. In other cases, those who did not practice sport are usually great scholars of it.

The sports coach must know the sport perfectly, from the regulations to the basics of physical preparation.

Keep learning

Nowadays there are countless courses, talks, books and various activities dealing with all aspects of sport in general. It is important to stay up-to-date on evolving tactics and strategies, as well as rule changes.

The sports coach must also know the advances of new technologies. On the other hand, it is always advisable to listen and observe the work of other colleagues, retired coaches and the athletes themselves.

be a leader

Leadership ability is very important, especially in team sports. The coach is who It is responsible for making decisions and imposing discipline. In the groups, you must achieve a harmonious coexistence and set common goals.

Meet, teach and help athletes

In top competition the pressure to obtain good results can interfere with good performance of the athlete. In the case of young athletes, this problem can be much more present, especially in individual disciplines.

According to a study, rookies tend to feel more pressure. They are more prone to anxiety and depression. The coach must take these issues into account to accompany and guide.

motivate athletes

Providing the confidence and the necessary stimuli throughout the process, before and during the development of the competition, will surely have satisfactory results in the athlete’s performance. Knowing the athlete is also a key aspectsince different experiences can have repercussions on the performance.

have commitment

In most cases, the passion for the sport leads the coach to dedicate himself to the profession. There are also many who put their service above issues that would be top priority for other people. It is a job that takes many hours and even the whole day.

What are the functions performed by the coach?

Coaches are often involved in all aspects that can influence athletes, both in their sports performance and in planning matters. They also have to deal with a great responsibility, since they are given credit for successbut they are pointed out as the main responsible when the results are not as expected.

These are some tasks that are in charge of the sports coach:

  • Guide athletes to achieve maximum performance.
  • Prepare the training sessions.
  • Decide and communicate the strategies that athletes should use to obtain good results.
  • Evaluate the performance of athletes.
  • In the case of team sports, select the players for each competition.
Team sports put the onus on the coach to choose who plays and who doesn’t.

How to spot a good sports coach?

It would be easy to find the best coach if we were based only on the results. However, we also run the risk of making the mistake, since we must take into account several factors.

To detect a good coach, one must put aside the result and, instead, be able to determine if the team or the athlete was able to carry out their best possible performance, sustaining or improving future performance.

In the case of teams, collective and individual performance must be considered. Broadly speaking, the good sports coach is one who manages to maximize and empower athletes.

In the case of young people, a study was carried out in the city of Curitiba (Brazil) on the methods used by the coach and his leadership profile in the positive development of the players. There it is suggested that the choice of small-sized games, combined with a democratic, affective and motivating leadership profile, correlates with the positive development of young people through sports.

The coach is the one who best knows the athletes, their rivals and the characteristics of the game. Although he may be wrong in making decisions, his value will be in the evolution of those he leads.

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