Cellulite and its meaning according to biodescription

For many women, cellulitis or "orange peel" is one of the worst enemies of his image and self-esteem, but it is a subject that goes beyond the aesthetic issue.

Cellulitis is characterized by inflammation of the cutaneous or subcutaneous cellular tissue. It is usually of a feminine nature (although it can also appear in men) and is manifested by the retention of water and an increase in the irregular distribution of toxins and fats in the buttocks, legs, abdomen, neck and back.

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The cellulite is recognized because the affected area looks like an orange peel, as it presents craters and swelling, and to the touch feel granular structures due to the presence of hard areas. But what does it really mean?

In general, this condition has to do with a blockage in the creativity of the person. You should look at the region in which it is presented to know in which area your creativity is blocked and quickly find its meaning.

According to the biodescodificación, the cellulitis It affects the person who is too content and who does not trust much in himself. In addition, as this disorder alters the aesthetic aspect, it indicates that the person who suffers from it worries too much about what others think about it. It is easily influenced and allows them to stop acting to express their creativity. Have afraid to show you how it is, to show its great creative power.

Cellulite can also indicate that the person experiences many feelings because I would like to control those around me, but it is repressed and keep your emotions inside so that others do not notice it. It hardens before the situations of life, deceiving itself and believing that they do not alter it.

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Decoding the emotions that generate cellulite

It is linked with anxieties, "aspects of self that I hold", repressed emotions, regrets and resentments that I keep … It is linked to the commitment towards myself or another person, I am afraid to commit myself fully to the person I love and I refuse to go forward.

This fear may have its origin in an event in which I experienced an abandonment. I refuse to contemplate a certain part of my youth, because frequently, I was hurt and marked by certain traumatizing experiences that assail me even today and that slow down my creativity and my child's heart.

Cellulite is found more in women than in men because I, as a woman, started very young to worry about my appearance, with my silhouette that I want to be perfect according to the rules of society. The aesthetic aspect is excessively important. I check what are the feelings that prevent me from moving forward and I accept to integrate them slowly in my daily life.

The question you must ask yourself is: "Why do I fear to make use of my creativity? What am I afraid of if I call attention to all my talents, if I show everything I can do? Does it scare me not to live up to the situation? Without character?". What is not good is the fact that, by holding you back, you also want to contain others. This often happens in an unconscious way.

You must try to let go of the past that prevents you from fully living your current moment. You can allow yourself to show your strength, accept receiving compliments and make yourself admire what you are, with all your talents.

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