Cellulite: a natural approach in four steps

By Dr. Abril D. Preatoni (@ dumitie) *

Let's talk about cellulite, but from the deepest and most intimate love with your own body. Beyond the final goal, the beauty is to enjoy the process to not feel frustrated. This is probably the key to success!

Let's talk about cellulite

Recall that some factors that trigger it. They can be hormonal, although stress, anxiety, diet, sedentary lifestyle also influence.


Take these steps as a fun and friendly proposal that can be sustained over time.

1. Diet and hydration

Fruits, vegetables and water are great allies. Avoid precooked foods, fats and excess carbohydrates.

Do not try to be a different person from one day to the next. If you're not vegetarian, you do not have to convert. Set realistic and pleasant goals that will help with the quality of your skin.

Here my ideas:

Within the world of vegetables, the fruits and dairy products, there are many recipes that you surely love. Make a small list with five to eight recipes That you like, with ingredients that they are easily bought and be simple to prepare. Do not think about rare recipes! Incorporate them into your weekly diet. This way, you will not be a vegetarian, but your diet will be substantially improving. This project can be sustained in time perfectly.

Three liters of Water? At what point do I drink all that water? I share a good idea: invest in a single thermos of stainless steel. They are perfectly transportable in the bag and do not break. That way, you will always have the opportunity to drink water whenever and wherever you want. You'll see how easily you take the three liters!

And do not forget the vegetables, that are great!

2. Exercise

My advice: caminar, walk and walk. It is a task that can be realized and it is beautiful. Search for a good journey and load the phone with a list of songs. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to music that you have pending. Just walk at a steady pace and for time: half an hour, one hour; three times a week. Each time it will cost less. And if you do not live near the river or a forest, go out and meet your neighborhood!

3. Preparing the ground: exfoliation

Prepare the ground before using your anti-cellulite product. For this, it is ideal exfoliate.

– Pre-shower exfoliation: an excellent homemade option is the preparation of coffee and sugar.

You only need to mix 1/2 cup of ground coffee with 1/4 cup of sugar. Then, add approximately three tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the preparation with circular massage in the affected areas (usually legs and buttocks). Repeat two or three times a week. Then, you bathe and use your product.

– Exfoliation while you shower: with a mitten, you can exfoliate and actively pass the drain. Maybe this is more practical than the previous point.


These plants are what your anti-cellulite product should have.

– Ivy Extract

– Rusco



– Horse tail

Together, they fight cellulite nodules, favor circulation and lymphatic drainage. They also improve the production of collagen.

Far> from another perspective full of love and benevolence with your own body and spirit, because cellulite is almost physiological of the female gender.

* Abril D. Preatoni is a medical doctor, a Phytomedicine student and a developer of Dumitié Cosmética, an enterprise that creates small treasures with plant, seed and fruit extracts.

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