Celebrity word: these are the tricks of celebrities to detox before summer (and they really work)

After the "because I say so" of mothers, the second most important is that of celebrities. They, those beings of infinite beauty who drink lemon water when they wake up (although Miranda Kerr has switched to apple cider vinegar, here's why) and two liters of water a day to have glowing skin (we are sure that Something else they will do, but we will not say anything), which previously only shared their 'wellness' secrets in exclusive praises, but now with Instagram … Tachán! We have tips, tricks, diets and first-hand workouts to bore you.

There is always something new: that if the intermittent fast of Reese Witherspoon, the controversial diet of Naomi Campbell or the diet of the zone of Jennifer Aniston. In short, you will not go to sleep without knowing something new. And in detox stuff pre summer vacation, a lot less.

As networks have become the mirror of the soul and the particular eye that sees everything from users, diving into our favorite social network, Instagram, we have found some publications that count What celebrities do to deflate, lose a few inches and feel a little lighter. Something that does not hurt after the quarantine and before, of course, to try on the bikinis of last year, (that if they do not fit, not even for one leg, we have it easy: one size more and to show off a beach body).

Cindy Crawford

The first thing: hopefully we would get up with those faces. Second, the model has the most appetizing green smoothie now that the heat arrives, and we do not say it, users say that they have tried it and have left the comment of rigor. The recipe, very simple, suitable for any amateur cook soul.

Ingredients: a cup of almond milk, ⅓ frozen banana, a cup of spinach, 10 fresh mint leaves, a tablespoon of protein, 2 tablespoons of vegetable powder (a supplement, go), a small handful of cocoa nibs . Beat, beat, beat and … voilà! Morning smoothie full of iron, antioxidants and good ingredients. A very healthy option to replace tomato toast, which we know.


Beyoncé's vegan diet was one of the most controversial that the singer has carried out. In addition to vegan, it was based on minimalism, so the range of possibilities when eating food was very limited. The plan consists of 22 days eating only fruits, vegetables, seeds and vegetable proteins. Perhaps so many days following this diet can be a great effort, if you are not used to this type of diet, however, as a detox plan for three or four days can be a good shock to lose weight.

Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky is one of the celebrities who takes the most care of her lifestyle: her Instagram photos are the proof. Green smoothies, very colorful salads and no sugars or ultra-processed foods. Those are her mantras and together with a careful routine of physical exercise, the actress manages to show off a very toned figure. How can we apply this to our life (and pre-vacation routine)? Leaving all processed foods aside and based on real balanced food intake.

Miranda kerr

The Australian has become a benchmark when we talk about a balanced lifestyle. Your breakfast? Some porridge, prepared with rice, banana and hemp (which help regulate intestinal transit) and celery juice. The quintessential smoothie of anyone who has ever stepped on a red carpet: it is cleansing, antioxidant, deflates, helps with liquid retention problems due to its high water content and although it is not especially good, it is a vitamin cocktail and fiber that if you take it every morning, it will help you feel lighter.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Vagina-scented candles and a separate orgasm, the actress has become a guru (something, a lot? Criticized) in the world of wellness. Although some of his statements are crazy, the truth is that Gwyneth is committed to a very healthy diet in which he avoids sugars and refined flours and in which vegetables such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts predominate due to their low caloric intake and their contribution of vitamins and minerals.

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