Celebrities being heroes not only in movies, but also in real life

These celebrities showed the world that their kindness goes beyond the screens. Find out.

Last update: 22 September, 2022

Many actors play roles where they have to change other people’s lives for the better and work for a more just society. Nevertheless, after the cameras turn off, they still have that same empathetic attitude.

In this article we tell you who the real hero actors are and what they have done to fill the hearts of people who have needed it most with hope.

1.Lady Gaga

The prestigious singer has always been quite clear that her fans make a lot of effort to attend her concerts or autograph days. Thus, on one occasion, decided to invite all the people who were waiting for her to eat.

bought 80 pizza which cost him about $1,000. In addition, he left a large tip for the pizzeria, so that they could continue to grow as a business.

2.Taylor Swift

One day when this important singer was browsing the platform Go Fund Me, came across the case of a young woman who loved studying, but did not have the resources to enter an educational institution. As a result of this situation, donated a total of $30,000.

Consequently, the teenager was able to enroll in the University of the United Kingdom and start doing everything possible to make her dreams come true.

3.Kylie Jenner

Being a guest on a TV show, this celebrity realized that a mother and her daughter had serious financial problems. So much so, that the minor had had to withdraw from the university to maintain the home.

Kylie gave them a total of $200,000 so they could pay off debts that they had earrings. Likewise, for the young woman to return to student life.

4. Zac Efron, one of the most genuine heroes

During an event, a fan was very close to the actor and wanted to record it to share the anecdote on their social networks. Nevertheless, when he was about to perform that action, his cell phone slipped from his hands and broke.

Therefore, the moment Zac realized what had happened, he agreed to buy him a new smartphone. Plus, he let her into the studio to make his experience that much more incredible.

5.Chris Hemsworth

The renowned actor who stars in Thor He once went out to eat at a restaurant and left his wallet on the table. But a 17-year-old boy found it and returned it to him with no problem.

Consequently, the celebrity decided to give him all the money he had inside. This, with the aim of rewarding her good heart and indicating that righteousness is always the right path to success.

6. Dwayne Johnson, one of the truest heroes

The rock He learned of the situation of a widowed father who did not have the resources to give his children what they wanted for Christmas. According to that reality, he promised him that he would buy them all.

Likewise, in those days he allied himself with actor John Krasinski to make a donation of 5 million dollars to an organization in charge of distributing toys. Thus, they made a large number of little ones happy.

7. Keanu Reeves, one of the real heroes who most deserve admiration

This magnificent actor is recognized in the film industry as one of the kindest. And it is not for less, because he has always shared his profits with ordinary people.

So much so, that when visiting a restaurant he met a concierge named Randolph Gregory, who had been doing this arduous job for 7 years in a row. He was moved by his story and told him that he was going to help him.

That’s how he bought a store and put it in his name. For this reason, from that day on, the man owns a company with which he supports his family.

8. Colin Farrell

The prestigious Irish actor came across a homeless man named stress and became interested in improving their quality of life. Thus, she spent a total of $2,100 to buy him clothes.

Additional to this, gave him another $830 to allow him to pay one month’s rent in a house where he could take refuge and be comfortable.

Do you know any other anecdote of a different celebrity? Share your important contributions with us.

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